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May 13, 2005
Top Math Performers at Mabry

Each year we sponsor a contest to recognize the highest level of math performance at Maby Middle School. The first round of competition: Eighth grade students with the highest math scores on nationally-normed standardized math tests are invited to participate in a rigorous math competition. The second round is the math examination, held before-school, for those students who have chosen to participate from the eligible group. This year we had 10 students who qualified and chose to take this difficult and demanding math test. In the final round of competition, the three top-scoring students compete, solving challenging math problems in an assembly in front of the entire eighth grade class.

Congratulations to these qualifying students who participated:

Congratulations to these three finalists:


Congratulations to Miles, who won the Pythagorus Award! I also want to publicly congratulate Miles. He won third place, individual, for the state Math Counts Competition which placed him on the official Georgia Team that competed in the national competition! I want to also mention that Shreekanth won the Cobb County Countdown Round in the Math Counts Competition. Congratulations students, we are proud of you!

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