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June 18, 2005
The New Mabry Web Presence

Well, as you can now see, I've been really busy the last several weeks rebuilding our entire web presence. We are now officially launching as part of our ongoing commitment to facilitate communication between our school and your home.

This has been an enormous undertaking that is still very much in development. In fact, unlike your typical website, is dynamic. The front page is a collection of blogs that different staff members will be managing throughout the school year. Additionally, each teacher at Mabry will host their blog for students and parents on our site as well.

Therefore, the website is always growing and changing. New information is being added. Once school starts, new information will be posted to the site every week.

As part of the site's development, I want to thank Mrs. Hartnett, Mrs. Collins, and all of their students who contributed to the content of Sixceed! This was a huge venture for their classes. They did a great job.

Well, become deeply familiar with our website. We anticipate that over the next several months, this site will become comprehensive--everything Mabry, online! (dot org)

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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