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November 17, 2005
Mabry Students And Teachers Are The Best

Dr. Seuss only had two things. I have three.

Thing #1
Our students continue to impress me. On Monday, "out of the blue," I went into 6 classes and asked this question of the students, "If you were to walk into the best school in the entire world, what would you see?" I offered no clues, no ideas, no sense of context to the question at all. I did request thoughtful answers. You must hear what our students said. Watch this video podcast at Podcast Central.

Thing #2
Will came to the front office this morning. He asked our secretary if he could make an appointment with me. I was free at the time, so we chatted. This is from our conversation:

"Hi, Will. What can I do for you?"
"Dr. Tyson, I want to be the first student at Mabry to learn how to post a podcast to the internet."
"Have you been working with one of the student podcast teams?"
"Yes. I've been working on the Spanish class podcasts, and I've made some at home. But I don't know how to post one on the web."
"So, do you want to learn the easiest way to do it, or do you want to learn the 'full meal deal' which is a lot harder but far more powerful?"
"I want to learn it all."

Our students are the best. They want to learn. They are becoming ambitious learners and problem solvers that are taking the personal initiative to create their own learning. Will is an impressive young man.

Thing #3
We are beginning to have groups of guests both locally and nationally come to visit our school. Educators around the world are following what we are doing at Mabry. They want to learn from our school, and we are eager to share. Our students and our teachers are the best!

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