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December 7, 2005
A Few Things...

I rarely take the opportunity to share with our school community just how well-respected Mabry Middle School is around the nation. But I think that our community needs to know that our school is at the forefront of public schools. Our teachers and students all work very hard to model best practices that define what an excellent public school can be. I want everyone in our school community to take great pride in what our students and teachers are doing.

This week we are delighted to be hosting all of the middle school principals in Cobb County. They are eager to see all of the outstanding things we are doing at Mabry Middle School.

Next week I will be taking two of our students and a parent to be taped in an interview conducted by Cathy Cox, State Superintendent of Schools for Georgia. The State Department of Education wants to feature in a television program the amazing things our students are doing with technology here at Mabry. This will be a wonderful opportunity for our students!

Also, next week, we will be hosting guests from Oklahoma and from a variety of school districts around the state of Georgia. They will be visiting us to see firsthand what we are doing with technology. They want to replicate many of the experiences our students have in their own schools.

Mabry has been featured in several nationally-recognized education magazines in the last few months: Scholastic, Instructor, School Library Journal, and Education Week as well as in podcasts by respected educational technologist such as David Warlick. Mabry is also being frequently discussed by nationally acclaimed presenters from around the country in educational technology conferences and education conferences focused on best practices.

Our recent celebration dinner, hosted here at Mabry, is now posted to our website in Podcast Central. If you were unable to attend, take the time to download it now. You can watch the presentation or just listen to it, which ever you prefer.

I hope you join me in taking great pride in the work your students and their teachers do at Mabry.

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