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January 25, 2006
An Interactive Desk?

On January 10, 2006, we announced that MabryOnline was going interactive. We now have students posting to their teachers' blogs as scribes or note-takers. I can't tell you how excited these students have been to take on this unprecedented responsibility. They are doing an excellent job!

And we are slowly beginning the Mabry Global Learning Collaborative. In fact, Mrs. Abrams' Virtual Language Arts class started yesterday with about 15 participants. I know it's hard to believe students wanted homework that night, but each student was just that eager to get started posting their work online. They are off to an enthusiastic start. They are eager to see how people from around the world reflect on their work. Mrs. Abrams has already lined up adults, authors, and educators from all over the US to follow and respond to the students work. Extended family members around the world will also be able to begin participating in their student's school work. The Global Learning Collaborative has such unprecedented possibility!

So, naturally, I thought I could explore making "From the Desk of Dr. Tyson" interactive as well. From time to time I will post reflective information that I think can be a seed for deeper thinking, a way for our broader community of parents, educators and learners to share a collective wisdom that is greater than I or you, one of our readers, can create alone. So, from time to time, I will open a post to accept comments from you, our readers.

To be honest, I have no idea how well this will work. All posts come to me for approval before being published to our site. Naturally I welcome comments that are positive, empowering, insightful, and focused on the topic presented. With all of the divisiveness in our world today, I am eager to embrace some kindness and wisdom that will serve to enable us all to be just a little bit better than we were. I want us all to be able to influence the space around us (virtual, emotional, or real physical space) in positive and supportive ways.

How do you participate?
If the post is open for comments, you will see a link near my name. The link will read "Comments (#)" where "#" represents the number of comments at that time. If you wish to read the comments or add a comment, simply click on the link and follow the directions that appear. I reserve approval rights and will pass on or edit any comments that have any contact information, links, or information inconsistent with the focus I have described above.

We will explore this possibility to see if it can help us soar even higher.

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