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March 31, 2006

As Spring Gets in Full Swing


As the weather warms up I want to solicit your support in making sure that your son or daughter is dressing within our school dress code.  We have many competing energy's for our students' attention, especially in the Spring, and our focus must remain on student academic achievement, especially as testing approaches.  The school dress code is designed to emphasize attire appropriate to the formality of our educational setting.  Anything that would distract anyone from learning is not appropriate.

You can review our dress code at this link.  Your support is appreciated.

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March 15, 2006

Mabry Marque to Come Down for Work

The marque in front of our school will be repaired and refurbished thanks to the generosity of our PTSA. We anticipate that it will be removed around the week of my birthday (not-so-subtle hint), April 13th. The sign will be down for about a week.

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March 1, 2006

Amazing Student Art

We have some very talented young people at Mabry. Last week, when I was at Jekyll, one of our 7th graders told me she had drawn a picture of me that she wanted me to have. Today at school she and her friend brought me the picture. I am amazed at what a good job she has done! In talking with our Art teacher, Mrs. Evans, I have learned that Ashley has drawn other staff members with an amazing level of realism.

I wanted to share our students' talent with our readers. Click on this thumbnail to enlarge the picture. Great job, Ashley. Thanks!

Posted by Tim Tyson at 10:41 AM

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