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September 5, 2006
2006 Parent Open House Meeting

Last week we held our annual Open House meetings. The weather just before the 6th grade meeting on Monday (during rush hour of all times), was terrible! I know many parents were not able to attend as we had power outages and traffic problems caused by non-functioning traffic lights. Our 7th and 8th grade meeting on Tuesday was packed.

I always enjoy our Parent Open House meetings as they provide me with an opportunity to meet many of you. We began our general session with a self-running Keynote presentation, Did You Know, about our resources at Mabry and the global challenge our students will face when they enter the job market. I presented about our focus and mission here at Mabry. And this year I took a bold step and did that presentation using one of our new interactive whiteboards. Parents used ACTIVote, a wireless, handheld assessment device, to provide us with some survey information for our future planning. I wanted you to see a live demonstration of how this technology can be used in your child's class to empower learning.

Even if you were not able to attend, don't worry, we prepared a total of three podcasts of the general meeting on Monday. The first podcast is a video podcast of the self-running Keynote presentation, Did You Know. The second podcast is an audio only podcast of my presentation to the parents. And the third podcast is a video podcast of the survey results from that presentation.

You may click on the images below to view, or, in the case of the audio-only podcast, listen to these podcasts. You will also find all three of these at Podcast Central for download. You can also find them at the iTunes Store, in the podcast section. Simply do a search at the iTunes Store for "Mabry". Once you find our collection of Mabry podcasts, you can subscribe to them by clicking the "Subscribe" button. After you subscribe, as we post new podcasts they will automatically download to your computer and sync to you iPod! And it's all free!

If the slide goes by too quickly for you to read it, simply press the "Pause" button.

Click the play button above to watch Did You Know?

Click the play button above to listen to my Open House presentation to 6th grade parents.

Click the play button above to see the parent survey results from both Open House meetings.

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