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November 21, 2006

Season of Thanks

I want to wish all of our students and their families a wonderful celebration for the Thanksgiving holiday season. This is without doubt my favorite holiday. We often get too busy and forget that we are immensely blessed.

Take time to be with those you love! Return safely on Monday!

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November 3, 2006

Internet Explorer 7 Released

I have mentioned a couple of times on our website that MabryOnline is standards compliant. It should display properly in a browser that is also standards compliant. I have also mentioned that Internet Explorer 6, the browser used on most computers running the Windows operating system, is not standards compliant. Therefore, despite some of my meager efforts to write bug fixes for IE6, our website probably does not display as it was intended to be seen in IE6.

I am glad that Internet Explorer 7 has now been released. It does a significantly better job complying with the standards established by the web's governing body, the World Wide Web Consortium. If you use IE7, I would interested in knowing what issues you may still be experiencing with our site.

If you would like further information about browser features and compliance, I recommend this as an article of interest from the Economist Magazine.

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