Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
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It's time for a huge celebration! Mabry has enormous things to celebrate:

Of course, Mabry is in its 27th year of excellence. However, we really didn't have a 25th Anniversary celebration because of the construction project. So now it's time to throw a huge party!

On November 15th we will host a reception and catered dinner in the new Mabry Cafeteria. Purchase your tickets from our bookkeeper, Ms.Osterfeld. Tickets for the evening are $10.00. Tickets will not be sold after November 10th. Guests from our corporate donors, the State Department of Education, and the local, state, and federal governments will be attending. This will be a wonderful celebration. This will be a "Sunday best" dress up event. Make your plans now to join us.

posted on: November 2, 2005

Rising 6th Grade Summer Program

This summer the SPLOST construction and renovation project should come to an end with a flurry of activity at Mabry Middle School. A great deal of demolition will take place within the building, and 6 different inside areas will be completely changed. Additionally, the entrance and parking lot will be completely changed from what they are today. Fortunately, these activities were scheduled for this summer and therefore did not adversely impact the learning environment during the school year.

Because of safety and accessibility issues and concerns, we will not schedule any activity in the building this summer. Therefore, we will not have our summer program for rising 6th graders this summer.

We anticipate that the building will be completed just before school starts. Beginning the school year with access to about $8.8 million in new and renovated facilities will be an exciting way to start the 20005 - 2006 school year.

posted on: March 17, 2005

I Couldn't Be More Excited!

Rarely does something come along in our lives that is utterly transformational. It has. And fortunately, our school district is truly visionary, setting the pace for educational excellence for the entire nation. As your principal, I can not wait for Mabry students and teachers to get their hands on these powerful tools--to have The Power to Learn!

Having easy access to such powerful tools (63,000 laptops) will transform the education of Cobb County's children by providing equal access to information for all children, making the educational environment substantially more interactive, providing access to increasingly rapid assessment feedback, making dramatic increases in lesson creativity possible, providing unprecedented possibilities for collaboration and differentiated instruction, and expanding educational opportunities for all children.

Mabry's mission is to maximize student academic achievement. I can think of no tool that would be more empowering than laptops for every child and teacher in our school! The power workspace is a digital workspace, and we would be irresponsible not to prepare our students today for their digital futures. With the laptops, children's learning space expands beyond the classroom walls and reaches out to the best resources in the entire world. Children can reach farther faster. They can manipulate information with unprecedented speed and facility. They can become producers of knowledge-based products rather than just consumers of information.

I think a lot of people may just see computers as expensive gameboys. But our teachers at Mabry see the tremendous educational value of every teacher and every student in our school having access to his/her own laptop. I just couldn't be any more excited! The future's so bright, ya gotta wear shades!!

posted on: February 8, 2005

PTSA Meeting

This morning I met with the PTSA and shared several items. Below is a very brief summary of each of the items.

  1. The SPLOST construction will add 50,000 square feet to our school. We will now have 150,000 square feet at Mabry!
  2. I have a meeting this week to explore the purchase of furniture and equipment for the new classrooms.
  3. Students are now taking the Performance Series, a nationally normed computer adaptive test that is correlated with the CRCT and should allow us to predict success on that state test.
  4. The 8th Grade Writing Assessment is scheduled for Wednesday, January 19th.
  5. Early Release Day is scheduled for Wednesday, January 26th.
  6. Buddy Pictures are scheduled for Friday, January 28th.
  7. The 7th Grade Science students will take a fieldtrip to Jekyll Island the week of January 27th.
  8. The changes in the federal overtime regulations are impacting schools. (See my post on January 6th.)
  9. The Power to Learn (1 on 1 laptop initiative) appears to be scheduled to go before the board during the first part of February.
  10. I have joined with those teachers who are now blogging as a communication tool for parents by starting this blog.
  11. All who are interested can take a tour of the construction immediately after your meeting today.

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posted on: January 10, 2005

Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
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