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August 09, 2006
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome parents and students to Mr. Woolsey's Earth Science blog

Welcome young Earth Scientists I hope that you are as excited as I am about this year. I will start filling this blog with addresses to web sites that relate to our topic. I will include images that I hope you find as interesting as I do, topics that connect to the new scientific principles we are covering, and how these principles and skills are used by professional in the “real” world. Just get ready to have fun in my class because science is by far the easiest subject to play around in. See you next Monday

See you at Mabry, Mr. Woolsey

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December 04, 2007
12-4-07 plate tectonics

Today we reviewed the essential characteristics of the crust, lithosphere, aesthenosphere, mesophere, mantle, outer core, and inner core. I also showed them more images that showed the temperatures and the layer boundaries, the depths and thickness of each layer, as well as the composition of each layer. The homework is to read chapter 4.2 in the text and to answer the review questions at the end of the chapter, and the workbook chapter 4.2. Tomorrow their is very short quiz just on the different layers of the Earth's core. We reviewed extensively today for this so everyone should do well. Take care, and see you tomorrow, Mr. Woolsey.

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December 03, 2007
12-3-07 Plate Tectonics

Today we reviewed some of the problem questions that some students had on the chapter 8 test. We next viewed two images that showed the difference between the different layers, their composition, their function, their temperature, and their thickness. I then showed an example of the what product their core map will end up looking like. The students then made their own in small groups. Some did not finish so tomorrow they will complete the lab. If not done reading of chapter 4.3 is for homework. You do not have to answer the review questions. We will be moving quickly through this chapter and all the future chapters so you cannot afford to get behind, and can always get ahead. See you all tomorrow, Mr. Woolsey.

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November 29, 2007
11-29-07 Fun lab activity and chapter 8 test

Today we had a great day with a fun rhyming review for the chapter 8 test. All of you did a great job. You were all courageous, put your fears aside and came up with great presentations to help your classmates review. Remember, in my classroom we are a family and as the head of the family I will never let you be made fun of, but like me we have to put our self out there and take a chances. You all did well, and I hope you had a great time. Due to the fact that some students have a performance tonight there is no homework. Tomorrow all students can finish the test. Review chapter 8.1 through 8.4 to do better. See you tomorrow, Mr. Woolsey.

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November 27, 2007
11-27-07 progress report time

Please make sure that you have one of your parents sign the progress report and return it tomorrow. I want you to bring the progress reports back tomorrow signed by your parents. The homework is to study chapters 8.1 through 8.4 for the test on Thursday. Tomorrow we will do the final review for chapter 8 and move on. See you all tomorrow. Mr. Woolsey.

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November 26, 2007
11-26-07 Welcome back from Thanksgiving

We are trying to wrap up chapter 8, and will have a test on this chapter by Friday at the latest. The homework is to find three water issues that are occurring around the globe. See you tomorrow, Mr. Woolsey.

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November 20, 2007
11-19-07 Glaciers

We reviewed chapter 8.4 glaciers, text book review questions, and the workbook 8.4 answers. The last activity we did was to start and some finished reinforce and review worksheets. The worksheets are due on Monday. Enjoy you Thanksgiving. Take care, Mr. Woolsey.

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November 15, 2007
11-14-07 chapter 8.1, 8.2

Today some classes finished the soil fertility lab, went over the correct answers to the review questions to last nights homework. Next we went over the rubric for the second project of the year. I handed out the rubric and you should see it in your child's papers. I also handed out the next study guide. Most of you did well on the re-take quiz. The homework is chapter 8.3 questions in the workbook. See you tomorrow, Mr. Woolsey.

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November 14, 2007
11-14-07 quiz retakes, and chapter 8

Today we started with the Science Wednesday DEAR time, then many of the students opted to take the chapter 8 retake quiz. Next took the next step in the soil fertility scientific method lab. The students will be observing, recording and graphing the growth of the same seeds planted in soils taken from different sites and different vegetation. Home work is to read "The Force of Moving Water" in chapter 8.3 pages 265 - 268 in the text, and answer the review questions at the end of the chapter on page 268.

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September 25, 2007
9-24-07 one more blog

Hey students, I have purchased another 2 gigabyte flash drive, and plenty of read and write CD's to add to my read and write DVD's that many of you can not use or have a difficult time using because you have to burn a DVD not just save a file on it. I did this so that you can from now on save your images, and files of your projects so you can easily show them during your presentations in vivid color on the big Promethean screen. I also bought several extra large poster boards if you have not been able to get to a store that has large poster board that you can use in your presentation. The flash drive and RW CD's will be available for your teams. Remember to write your names on the CD. I will continue to purchase more CD's till all students have media to save your project material in a form that is as persuasive as possible. Remember these are CD's that can be read and written multiple times, do not throw them out, please. See you tomorrow. Mr. Woolsey. P.S. Don't stay up as late as I have to. I have to work, you need to get a good night's sleep so you can be sharp for the quiz.

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9-25-07 rocks chapter 3.1, 3.2, 3.3

Yesterday afternoon I was able to reserve the media center/library for students to continue and start the final steps of their first research project. Some students reviewed the information that will be on the quiz with me instead of working on the computers. Other students that were already done with their project presentation took the quiz and from what I have reviewed all did fantastic. Tomorrow take the quiz, no retakes, and then DEAR, any students that have finished their quiz already will start on the next part of chapter 3. I hope my attached rock sites attach correctly. See you tomorrow, Mr. Woolsey.

Metamorphic Rocks45

Metamorphic Rocks

Igneous Rock Evolution

7B. Sedimentary Rocks  Layered Storytellers [Beyond Books - Earth Science  Part 2]

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September 24, 2007
9-24-07 rocks prep for quiz

Today we had a very long white board warmup for which was a prep for the quiz. I was only able to reserve computers that are ethernetted to the server which makes them faster on Tuesday. Let's move the quiz back just one more day. I have attached the answers and questions to the quiz on my blog prior to this blog post. See you tomorrow.

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9-24-07 rocks white board warmup review for quiz

Igneous Rock Method Blog

Chapter 3 Quiz Answers Blog

New Rocks White Board Warm Up Blog

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September 20, 2007
9-20-07 rocks

Today I re-introduced the processes that form the three types of rocks that we have been studying. I modeled how to label and draw these three processes and how each class of rock given a different process can be transformed from a for example sedimentary rock or igneous rock into a metamorphic rock, or from an igneous rock with the help of erosion and time form a sedimentary rock. The students then went through the process of drawing and detailing each of these processes. I have moved the future test date from this Friday to next Tuesday. See you tomorrow.

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May 16, 2007
5-17 weather rubric


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5-16-07 weather rubric


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5-16-07 weather rubric


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May 11, 2007
5-11-07 weather quiz

Today we had a weather quiz, and following the quiz formed groups for the weather report map reading project and presentation.

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May 10, 2007
5-10-07 predicting weather

Today we reviewed the correct answers to the workbook questions for chapter 17.4 in the workbook, the last chapter that we will cover before we move out to space. We then did a white board warmup activity, and did not get to the last activity I was hoping to start, which is the weather project. We also did not have the time to review the review questions for chapter 17.4 of the text. For most classes I handed out the study guide for the quiz. For the class that I did not have time to hand out the study guide I will do it before I give out the quiz. On Monday I will be giving a test on chapter sections 17.1, 17.2, and 17.4. Tomorrow after the quiz we will take the make our project groups and start on the project. The point of the project is for the students to be able to read several different types of weather maps, and truly understand them.

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May 09, 2007
5-9-07 predicting the weather

Today was science DEAR day. In first period we read for a large portion of the period. The rest of the period was spent working on chapter 17.4 "predicting the weather". I gave out a study guide that I made for chapter 17.4, and an example of a typical weather map and the rubric for the weather forecasting small group project. The students also read chapter 17.4, and answered the review questions at the end of the chapter.

Weather Map4

Weather Map1

17.4 predicting weather.

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May 08, 2007
5-8-07 storms and air masses

Today we started by reading the next chapter 17.2, and working on the review questions. When students were finished with that they had a two sided work sheet that reinforced the students understanding of storms, and what air pressure and temperature conditions they require to form. The review questions, and worksheets were finished in class and turned in for a grade. At the end of the class we had a tornado activity where we made mini tornados by adding a penny to the bottom, and liquid dish soap into a two thirds full mason jar of water. We vigorously spun the mason jars and made the water equivalent of a tornado.

Tornado activity

Chapter 17.doc

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