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2-2-07 hydrology presentations

Today we finished almost all of the hydrology presentations. For those students that were still not ready for one reason or another, I will only take off 5%. I also reconfigured the classroom, and where individuals with a goal for maximum learning, and close observation when needed, as well as to minimize student to student off task discussions. The homework is to write two paragraphs on at least two presentations from your notes. Enjoy your weekend. Mr. Woolsey

posted on: February 02, 2007

11-21-06 erosion and weathering test

Today I gave the erosion and weathering test. We then followed by the last chance to check missing assignments, or to do assignments or quizzes etc. that they might have missed due to an absence. I gave each student a strip of my official final report of their and only their specific assignments, grades, average overall grade and what was missing, or exempted. They looked in the no name folder to find an assignment that they could recognize by their writing, looked in their science binders, and all newly returned work. We start on minerals and rocks next.

I have printed all my progress reports and will distribute them for my students to bring to you parents fore review and sign for return to me. If you look on i-parent before 5:30 you can view you child's grades that will show up on the progress report. I will be adding grades from dates past 9.5 weeks after 5:30.

No homework over the holiday.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Take care, Mr. Woolsey

posted on: November 21, 2006

11-13-06 erosion, weathering

Today my classes went out the adjacent park areas and used a post hole digger to sample the different types of soil that are present in the three different sample sites. One site was beneath a pure pine stand, the next area was up on a small ridge beneath a mixed species of hardwood and pine trees, and the last site was down at the creek beneath predominantly hardwood trees. There was also a great area at the creek to discuss the exposed 18 foot soil horizon from parent material to the top soil or "duff" layer. We also were luckily enough to look at soil pipes, caused by the rotting away of roots, and the penetration of water. Homework is from the workbook pages 79 - 81 and is due Wednesday. My internet connection was down from Friday to hopefully not tonight. They adjacent office complex was getting connected, and for some reason they disconnected by broadband service which meant, TV and my internet. I'll will be finishing up grades tonight.

posted on: November 13, 2006

10-2-06 3d fault presentations

My students presented their 3D strike slip or fault projects, and all were fantastic. I graded them on accuracy and effort, and also took pictures of them and their work. I also returned several graded assignments and showed them a list of all the assignments that I expected to be turned into me at this time.

posted on: October 02, 2006

9-8-06 Continental drift activity

1. We colored in shapes of the all the labeled continents.
2. We then cut the shapes out of the sheet of paper.
3. Next we attached the continents to colored paper and tried to fit them together by looking at the shape of the edge of each continent.

posted on: September 08, 2006

Thursdays lab

Hey guys I hope you had fun, learned alot, and I must tell you, it was a lot of work and organization for me, but it was worth every minute to see you all learn in the concrete way that hands on teaching delivers.

No homework today. There is a review that we will be working on for several days. Tomorrow we will start working out of the book with reading. We will not assign any homework over the weekend. Take care, you have all worked hard for me for the first two weeks, and I am so proud, and happy to have every single one of you in my class. We will never cease to discover!!!!!!!!! I can not wait for the next week Mr. Woolsey.

posted on: August 25, 2006

Our second activity

Hey guys my internet service was down till now. I hope you had fun today doing the graphing exercise, with the class room data, and the M&M's. Tomorrow we will finally be working with modeling clay measuring, weighing, and making the layers of the core, mantle, and crust representing the Earth. See you then, Mr. Woolsey.

posted on: August 23, 2006

Tuesday 8-22-06 my classes first introductory laboratory activity

My classes were introduced for the first time to true precise measurement instruments, and the data collection process. We collected measurement data. We also collected observational data. The groups worked as a team at their lab stations, and were introduced to an effective and efficient method of working as a team in the process of data collection, recording, analysis, and inference which lead us to the WHY question. The question was first what is the item measured, how much did it weigh, and why do certain items weigh more than others when they are smaller in size than them. This is the size versus density lesson which leads into the mass of an object concept. We will have fun tomorrow.

posted on: August 22, 2006

Ungraded geology pretest

This pretest will be scored and analyzed to try and see which topics relating to geology, or chapter 4-6 my students have previous knowledge in, and which topics in this area they do not. It was a long test but all the students have as much time as it takes to finish. Some finished within the class period while others needed some extra time today.

On Tuesday some students will be finishing up the pretest, while others will be working on a word puzzle. We will then start instruction on how to use a scale to accurately measure the weight of an object. We will also be going over an efficient method of working in small groups that minimizes classroom confusion, while maximizing inquiry and accurate data collection. The lesson will be an inquiry activity. We will be measuring different objects of different weights and asking the question why some objects are heavier than others, when they are so much larger. This will lead us into the concept of density and mass. The students will graph the weight in grams of each object. This will construct a bar graph with weight on one axis, and the object on the other axis. Soon, but at a later date we will perform a similar exercise adding measurement of the size as well as the weight of different objects and construct a slightly more complicated graph further exploring the concept of mass and density. These two concepts directly relate to important aspects of the different layers of the core of the earth, their composition, and state with increasing temperature. Tuesday will be our first "lab activity" and I hope it is interesting to all of you.

posted on: August 22, 2006

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