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posted on: October 28, 2006

The Write-Spot Connection!

Thank you for checking your language arts blog! This shows you care about your grades and are taking responsibility for your own knowledge wealth.

"Looking Back; Looking Forward" begins this week . . .

"Looking Back; Looking Forward" sessions are fast paced and wrap up the close of class. The last 5-10 minutes of each class is going to be devoted to additional review for tests and quizzes, study tips that make a difference in your grade, review for CRCT Testing and any other information that can be squeezed into the last moments before you leave your language arts classroom. They are not sessions that are packaged as a handout. You must be present during the last 5-10 minutes to listen, tune in, and increase your knowledge. Looking Back; Looking Forward is a time that is thickly packed with valuable information.

Perfect attendance earns you a special pat on the back. You should strive to have perfect attendance and be in each language arts class from the first to last minute of class.

Early checkout may be necessary at some time during the year but it is important to be in class from the first to last minute each day.

Additional review begins this week.

Bell-to-bell instruction is my goal. Instructional tips and opportunities are packed into every moment just like a suitcase with every possible space tightly filled.

What's Up for this Week . . .

Below is a sketch of what is planned at this time; items may be added, or deleted, during the week. This is NOT a complete list. So, check your Write-On blog often.

Agenda notes, written by you, will be the most recent information. You must carefully record any activities or activity changes presented in class. Hopefully, you are doing this in all of your classes.

Marvelous Monday:

Spelling-Plus Lesson #2 word review; these words will be on your quiz on Friday.

Media Center instructional lesson will be done with Mrs. Hendrix for a portion of the class period after the above review.

Hint: Waiting until Thursday evening to study for your spelling quiz is not a good study practice. A student with good study skills “Hops on an assignment” and begins early to prepare.
A student with good study skills who is absent on Thursday, should already be prepared to take the Friday quiz.

Daily Oral Language will have 2-4 sentences for review. Two are already in your binder from the previous week.

Test on Thursday for Daily Oral Language. Remember, any of the sentences from the DOL collection may appear on this test.

Special Story Reading . . .

A special narrative story reading that will make you chuckle takes place right after the DOL test. :)

Terrific Tuesday:

Hyphen Study Packet
will be a top priority today. Class discussion and partner work will prepare you for a test next week.

DEAR Reading and documentation of reading is scheduled today. You will be having DEAR Tuesday through Friday--a different class each day. Document this reading on your log, not just during the time I allot in language arts.

Article Reading: This week you will read a nonfiction, expository article about loud noise and protecting your ears. You will begin to recording the 5 articles we have read thus far.

(Tip: Put quotation marks around titles of articles; do not underline.)

Portfolios: Portfolios will be distributed so you can add writing samples: Remember, you may add writings from other subject areas to your portfolios. Your portfolio is a special place to house and protect your writings. If you would like to bring a sample of your writing from 1st to 3rd grade to add to the portfolio you may enjoy seeing how your have grown as a writer! We will talk about this option in class this week.

Handwriting Legibility and Fluency related to Note Taking Strategies. . .

Remember, I read what you actually write;I do not interpret your writing. Use correct letter form. See me for a chart if you are not sure how to form letters. This is a skill that should be mastered by now. SO, "leave the Gap at the mall," and make it a priority to catch up. See me for a chart, and if you need help during a morning-help session, make arrangements, and I will give you a morning pass.

Edit, revise, and proofread carefully.

Each week we will discuss and practice a type of note taking so you can be a champ at gathering information in all of your classes. We did "character maps" last week; we will continue with that strategy, as well as, adding note taking for elements of story.

Wonderful Wednesday:

A narrative story will be read today in our literature text.
The story will be announced in class on Tuesday, and you must write it in your agenda and include the homework assignment requirements.

Fill out your agenda carefully in all of your classes. Some of you are not recording important information. Keeping an agenda or calendar with a list of tasks to attend to is a life skill.

Soon, I will be doing an assessment of the note taking skills you have applied to your agenda. HINT, HINT!

Thrilling Thursday:

"Daily Oral Language Test / CRCT Sentence Review" is today.
"Looking Back; Looking Forward" sessions will require careful listening as I will provide many extra review hints for this test and tests to come. This extra review, squeezed into the last 5-10 minutes of class, will be a great help to those of you who are looking for a great grade on your report card.

Fabulous Friday:

Novel study today!

Research Bonus:

Look up "hydrophobia" online. Write, by hand or computer, notes in which you find 10+ salient facts about this topic. The facts should be things you did not already know and information you think would interest our classroom audience.

Interesting facts should be written large enough to be read from five feet away. Your facts will go on our "Novel-Study Wall."

Thank you for tuning into to the Write-On Station! 

Mrs. Worthington

(Chief in Charge of Classy Work!)


You may want to view your child's agenda to see if he/she are making detailed notations for EACH class.

A number of students are not viewing "studying for quizzes and organizing binders and folders" as homework. Rather, they are only doing written work. You may want to provide helpful hints on how to keep up and study ahead for quizzes.

Good News!

Students are beginning to take charge of their questions. :) I am encouraging students to take responsibility of speaking directly to me if they have a concern/question. Continue to encourage them to practice the art of speaking and the art of listening and rely less and less on you to do the speaking for them. What an awesome group of students I have! :)

posted on: September 09, 2006

Welcome to the Write-Spot !

Thank you for visiting the Write-Spot Connection!

In language arts this week we will continue discussing what good readers and writers do.

We will read a narrative story by Hemingway called "A Day's Wait" in your literature textbook. You will answer the first four questions at the end of the story. Questions are due Tuesday. Remember: Neatness and organization are important considerations.

Writing-Coach Tip:

If you are writing large~please scale down. The title of a paper should not be extra large! The title sits on the line and is the same size as the rest of your paper.

We will discuss what good readers do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER reading.
We will also be taking a look at elements of story as we read this short story.

On Tuesday you will receive a spelling list. There will be a quiz on Friday.

REMINDER: Be sure you take your grammar text home and leave it until the last week or two of school. The literature textbook must come to class each day for the first quarter.

Remind your parents about Parent Night~ Tuesday at 6:30 P.M. They should go to the theater first.

Homework for Tuesday:

Writing Project:

"From the Desk of . . ." Writing four paragraphs on selected topics. Due Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Take care,


Mrs. Worthington

(Chief in charge of classy work!)

posted on: August 28, 2006

Welcome to the Write-Spot !

Thank you for visiting!

I have had a grand time reading your baseline, portfolio narratives about a time when you said, "Ouch!"

This week we will continue writing and reading narratives. We will use our literature text,Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, and other sources, as well.

Some of the essential questions we will address during the week are:

1. How do authors vary their sentences?

2. Why do authors use hyphens when they write?

3. Why is presentation of work important?

4. How do you read fluently?

5. What are the elements of story?

6. How do you restate the question when you respond to literature?

7. How do authors show conflict in a story?

See you Monday!

Mrs. Worthington

(Chief in charge of classy work!)

You will need your folder and your binder by Monday.

posted on: August 19, 2006

Welcome to the Write-Spot !

I am having a grand time reading your portfolio narratives about a time when you said, "Ouch!" Congratulations on your baseline portfolio writing.

Next week we will continue to write personal narratives, and we will read personal narratives in our literature text and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, as well.

Some of the essential questions we will address for the second week of school are as follows:

Why and how do writers use hyphens?

Why is spelling important? How can you take responsibility for
improving your own spelling? What are some no-miss words that
you should not miss in the seventh grade?

How can vary sentence patterns?

How can you improve the written presentation of your work?

How can you build a rich and varied vocabulary?

How can you make your handwriting more legible?


On Monday you should have your folder and binder for language arts.

See you soon!


Mrs. Worthington
(Chief in charge of classy work!)

posted on: August 19, 2006

Write-Stuff Publishing Company

YES! You are officially in the seventh grade!

Welcome to your seventh grade language arts class where you will hone and tweak your skills in all of the arts of language: the art of reading, the art of writing, the art of speaking, the art of listening, and, of course, the art of thinking!

Writing Studio is a highlight of this class, and often you will collaboratively write with a friend or two. I bet you can guess who my favorite authors are! I am looking forward to hearing your voice as I read your writings. Writing is a window to the mind; you show your thinking when you write.

Lucky me to be your teacher and your writing coach for this school year. :)

Tips and hints for the first day:

Bring your summer reading project Monday or Tuesday. Proofread it carefully for any lingering errors.

Bring a reading book for DEAR reading. The media center will not be ready for students to check out books for a week.

Bring your pencil pouch, or pencil box, on the first day. Please, sharpen your pencils at home before you come to school. You should always have at least 5 pencils among the other items in your pouch or box. Your writing tool pouch should go to all of your academic classes. (You do not need a separate one for language arts.)

Please make sure you bring "wide-lined paper" to class (No college-ruled paper.)

AND~the most important thing to bring is YOU--with a wide smile and an eager attitude to learn new things.

See you soon!


Mrs. C.L. Worthington

(Chief in Charge of Classy Writing!)

posted on: August 12, 2006

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