Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
Welcome to the Write~Spot!

What is up for this week:

This is a 4-day week; winter holidays begin on Friday and you will resume school on January 8, 2007.

Block Parties will be on Thursday. PTSA will have soft drinks and snacks available for those who would like to purchase.

Please be prepared if you are interested in purchasing drinks or snacks.


I will not be giving permission to make phone calls home to have money brought to school for this event; you need to plan ahead and be prepared.

Parent Note:
Recently, there have been a number of classroom interruptions in which students leave the classroom to pick up forgotten items at the office. Please encourage your child to plan ahead and assume responsibility for the items they should have with them; interruptions interfere with classroom instruction. Please join me in encouraging students to think and plan ahead as they assume age- appropriate responsibility.

For this week, the homework and class work assignments are as follows:

NOTE: You are to carefully fill out your agendas and make notations of any important changes. Keeping a calendar and writing "Things To-Do" is an important life skill. Agenda notes have priority over blog notes which may have been written in advance.



Due on Wednesday and will be your first homework assignment grade for the new nine weeks.

Compose a baker's dozen sentences using the words found in your spelling book from lessons #11 and #12. Each sentence should be a complex sentence or compound-complex sentence; include two or more sentences in each sentence and underline each.

If you do not recall exactly how to write complex sentence or compound-complex sentences from our class discussion then use your research talents and investigate online sources and/or your Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar textbook.


If you have carefully followed directions, you have a grammar text and a spelling workbook at home; these stay at home until the last few weeks of school).

Formatting: MLA heading, neat and legible handwriting, underline each spelling word.

Special Challenge:

Rather than writing JUST sentences, try your hand at writing a story. As long as you have 13 compound~complex sentences with two spelling words in each, you may insert other sentences, dialogue to make your prose flow with ease.

There will be a spelling quiz on Thursday. Reminder: this is the day before the winter holiday and it is a regular day. Attendance is important.

There will be a morning make~up on Tuesday for this quiz. See me on January 8 for a morning pass if you miss the Thursday quiz.


Discussion Topic:

Complex sentences and compound~complex sentences.
CRCT Practice Review Sheet & discussion

Writing Assignment:

Complete persuasive essay. You have written your web and first draft.
On Monday you write your final copy using the 8th grade writing test paper.





The first day of the winter holidays.

Best Wishes to You and Your Family!

Play safe; make good choices!

Mrs. Worthington

posted on: December 17, 2006

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