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07-08 yearbook staff

CONGRATS to the new yearbook staff!

Mandatory Meetings
Wednesday after school -5:30, have a ride home at front of school.
Friday morning 8:30 am to deliver yearbooks to homerooms.

Yearbook Staff  07-08

posted on: May 21, 2007

Yearbook Staff Application

Pick up a yearbook staff application for next year's staff at:

Yearbook Staff Application

Applications and 2 teacher recommendations are due by Friday, 5/18, to Ms. McCall.

Staff from last year must re-apply to be considered for next year's staff.

The new staff will be announced on Monday, May 21 and will be on a list posted above PE area table and on cafeteria bulletin board.

The new staff will meet  on Wednesday, May 23rd, after school till 6pm.

posted on: May 08, 2007

Yearbook price now $35.00

Order your Yearbook before we sell out!
We have less than 100 left.

Put a check for $35.00 IN A WHITE MONEY ENVELOPE, and drop it into the black metal box that is in your grade level wing. (above the water fountains)

Hurry, and don't be left out on your 06-07 yearbook!  Our theme is "BRIGHT & BOLD"

posted on: May 01, 2007

Staff meeting 12-6 early release day

hey staffers, be ready to meet on wed. 12/6 (early release day) right after walkers are released till 4:30.

Please make plans and have a ride home.

Get with Ms. McCall if you cannot make meeting to make alternate meeting time.

stay tuned for agenda.....T-mac

posted on: November 27, 2006

8th grade superlative ballots

The ballots are out, so vote and put your ballot in the silver box ion the lunch room!

I f you messed up your ballot you must turn it in to Ms. McCall to get a new one.

If you missed the handout of ballots on Monday, get one from your Homeroom teacher.

posted on: November 27, 2006

October Deadline Meeting 10/18 @2:30-4:00pm

Meeting is on Wednesday 10/18 from 2:30-4:00 pm in 6th grade yearbook room.
Parent Conferences will be going on so everyone must be on best behavior.
Have a ride home at 4pm, contact T-mac ahead of time if conflict arises.

Meeting Agenda

posted on: October 16, 2006

Yearbook Picture Re-Takes 9/28

Picture Re-Takes are on Thursday 9/28, starting with 7th graders during connections classes.

Mrs. Pettett has a schedule that PTSA moms and some yearbook staffers will be using to go to each classroom to check for any students new to Mabry, or students that didn't make it to charger day for their pics, or students that had a mistake on their picture(eyes closed, silly face, etc.). If this is the case(a mistake) you must bring your old pic in with the mistake on it, to give back to photographers to get your new picture.

New to Mabry, or students that want to purchase picture packages that missed charger day will have money envelopes available to them through their HomeRoom teachers to fill out and bring on re-take day.

** even if you don't want to buy a picture package, every new to Mabry and students that missed charger day, must take a picture for the yearbook at this re-take time!

**** If you are absent for re-takes or students that come to Mabry after re-take time, you must contact Ms. McCall to have your picture taken by yearbook staff.

posted on: September 20, 2006

early release meeting time- 9/20 2:15-4:15

Since our meeting date is an early release day, please double check your schedules/calendars to make sure you can meet right after school@ 2:15pm in the gym. (***Note time change from previous blog entry)
Please come down whenever you normally get released.

  1. Our primary goal is to get a good staff pic for yearbook page

then we will move onto camera and computer training. If you can't stay till 4:15 please notify me...It is very important that everybody stay long enough to get picture taken, then if you have to leave you can.

Dress in our Bright & Bold Theme for the staff pic!

posted on: September 14, 2006

Welcome Back!

Happy New School Year and Welcome Back!

I wanted to thank the staff that volunteered for Charger day!
Keegan, Abby, Emily, Becca, Katlyn, Kaele, Chandler, Katie, & Kelsea. Hope I didn't forget anybody!

Stay tuned for our first meeting date.

posted on: August 14, 2006

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