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June 20, 2005


6th Grade Health
In 6th grade Health, students study Nutrition and the function and benefits of the six nutrients. Students will learn to choose eating patterns that enhance energy, growth and heatlh. Lessons on Safety enable the student to identify threats to personal safety, identify and explain hypothermia and the approproate strategies for prevention and treatment. In the unit on Drug Abuse, students will analyze the impact of the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on the individual and the community.

The Disease unit covers communicable and non-communicable diseases and their risk factors. Family living and Mental Health topics help the student resist persuasive tactics and learn to build healthy relationships with peers, parents and others. In the Human Growth and Development unit, students will be able to identify methods to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. They will be able to identify basic anatomy and learn about abstinence. Parents will have an opportunity to preview Human Growth materials during Parent Conference Week in the Fall.

7th Grade Health
The 7th grade curriculum is designed to teach students good health and safety habits and how to assume resposibility for their own health decisions. In the Drug unit, students will analyze the effects of drugs on the immune, nervous, and reproductive systems. Students will develop counter arguments to tobacco, alcohol. and other drug advertisements.

The Disease Prevention unit identifies HIV/AIDS as a sexually transmitted disease and explains ways HIV is transmitted. The Safety unit concentrates on first aid procedures and students will have the opportunity to become CPR certified through the American Red Cross portion of the class. When learning about Mental Health and Family Living, students will discuss strategies to manage stress, resolve conflict, recognize peer pressures, and promote positive self-images. The Human Growth section at this grade level covers abstinence, prevention methods of pregnancy and std's, and the names and functions of the parts of the reproductive system. This information is available for parental preview during the Fall Parent Conference Week.

8th Grade Health
The eighth grade Health curriculum builds on the topics taught in prior years. The depth and detail of these units is quite extensive at this level. The Drug Abuse unit assesses the consequences on the fetus and child of using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Students will practice countering aggressive behavior by refusal skills.

The Disease Prevention unit enables the students to describe the cause, effects, an prevention of communicable diseases. Learing ways to identify persuasive tactics and analyzing physical, social and emotional changes that occur during maturation will be covered in the Family Living and Mental Health units. Suicide prevention is also a part of this curriculum. The Human Growth and Development section covers HIV/AIDS transmission and associated myths, recognizing the importance of abstinence, effectiveness of prevention methods, effects of dating, and setting personal goals for improving health and lifestyle. This material is available for parent preview during the fall Parents Conference Week.

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