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About Mabry's Global Learning Collaborative

The ultimate (long-range) goal of Mabry's Global Learning Collaborative is to provide our students with national and international collaborations that will facilitate broader awareness and understanding, the opportunity for world-wide student publication and peer-review, and meaningful opportunities for deeper, rigorous, meaningful and relevant academic learning experiences. The realization of this goal will require a significant amount of time and effort from our students and staff, but we believe it to be a noteworthy goal that will help our school attain our world-class ambitions and more deeply realize our mission to maximize student achievement in a culture of caring.

The projects presented in the Global Learning Collaborative may take several forms including: the publication of exemplary student work, the presentation of student research in on-going projects sponsored by Mabry teachers, a single project collaboration with a defined focus between a Mabry teacher's class and another teacher's class elsewhere in the world, student review of an author's work and the author's response to that review, virtual classroom courses, differentiated academic experiences for ambitious learners, and student collaborations with specialists in a field of study. Every project has a staff sponsor who defines the project, oversees the project, and pre-approves all content and comments before they are published to the Global Learning Collaborative. In other words, all interactions in the Global Learning Collaborative are first carefully screened by our Mabry teachers to help ensure a safe and productive learning environment focused on specific learning objectives.

Mglc Project ProposalIf you are a certified teacher in the United States or abroad and would like to propose a collaborative project between your students and the students at Mabry Middle School, we invite you to submit your Project Proposal to our Instructional Lead Teacher, Mr. Chris Swanson. Simply clicking on the pdf icon to the left will download the Project Proposal form. Clicking on his name will launch your email application and address an email to his attention. Only teacher requests from an email address associated with an educational institution will be considered. We suggest some simple guidelines here, additionally, you can see the types of projects currently in the collaborative for ideas.

If you are a student outside of Mabry Middle School and are interested in participating in Mabry's Global Learning Collaborative, you should contact one of your teachers or school administrators and request that he or she contact Mr. Swanson at the email address above. Participating students must have one of their own teachers or school administrators, in addition to the project teacher at Mabry, overseeing their participation in the Global Learning Collaborative. Mr. Swanson will work with interested teachers not affiliated with Mabry to explain how this works. If you are a student attending Mabry Middle School and are interested in participating in Mabry's Global Learning Collaborative, you should contact one of your teachers at Mabry or see Mr. Swanson at school and request to be added in a special online project.

At Mabry, we are eager to leverage pervasive computing and connectivity to harness new ways of learning, to expand our students' learning experiences beyond the walls of our classrooms, to open our classrooms to the world. Our ultimate goal for this project is to nurture ambitious, creative, independent problem-solvers who will make the world a better place. We invite you to join us in that effort.

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