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Antarctica McMurdo Station Collaboration

EmperorWelcome to the Antarctica Research Team Collaboration. This project collaboration is jointly sponsored by Mr. Chris Swanson, Mabry Instructional Lead Teacher, and Ms. Jean Pennycook, who will serve as our Polar Education Coordinator. This collaboration will be nothing short of an educational adventure! Ms. Pennycook is stationed at the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica. The station is located on Ross Island at the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, and is the largest US research base in Antarctica. Click here for a map showing the location of the station.


The center of activity at the station is the scientists and their projects, but there are also many people who are there to run the station: everything from cooks to carpenters, firemen to crane operators. This town supports about 1,000 members. They all live in dorms, eat in a common dining room, have a hospital, and a post office.

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The purpose of this collaboration is to share the science and the adventure of living and working in the unique environment of the station with our Mabry students. Right now there is a Russian ice breaker off the shore churning up the sea ice so the supply ship can come in. Only one ship comes in a year and brings all the supplies for the next 12 months.

If you have any questions about Antarctica, you may post them here for Ms. Pennycook, Mabry's own Polar Education Coordinator at the McMurdo Station, Antarctica! To go to the Antarctica McMurdo Station Collaboration and start learning, just click here!