Learning through Global Collaboration & Peer Review
January 6, 2006
Mabry Teachers Add Scribes

Several Mabry 7th and 8th grade teachers, as part of our ongoing learning exploration, are adding student scribes to their classroom blogs. Those who are participating in this process have selected students in various classes to take notes during class, or act as the class scribe. These students have committed to posting their class notes as soon as possible. In this way students can review what was covered in class be checking out the class scribe's notes. If a student was absent, the class notes are just a click away. All notes are first reviewed by the teacher before being published.

To see if your teacher has a class scribe, go their class blog at MabryOnline.org and click on the "Scribe" category. Happy reviewing!

Abrams' Students Set the Pace

A number of students in Mrs. Abrams Language Arts class will set the pace for the MGLC. Her students will participate in an online, virtual class. Participants will publish their assignments and special projects online for world-wide peer review. At times they will even evaluate one another's work online. This will be a unique experiment in removing the geographical boundaries of the classroom setting!

Check out her students' virtual classroom under the Language Arts heading in the center of this page.


The Mabry Global Learning Collaborative officially begins on January 10, 2006. This project will start small and grow to provide students with an opportunity to publish to the world and challenge one another to maximize their achievement. One of the unique experiments afforded by this project is the fact that it is interactive through teacher moderation!

Visit us often as we hope to add student work and special projects on a regular basis.

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