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JekyllWe have any number of global travelers during the summer, and even sometimes during the school year. From time to time we will spotlight these students' learning adventures and invite our students at home to share in their experiences. This collabortive focuses on the great cities and the nations of Europe.

September 30, 2006

Comming Home - Final Blog Entry

Today we went to Munich where we saw a glockenspiel clock. This clock is just like a giant coo-coo clock. It was so cool. The songs and all the life size dolls dancing went on for 10 – 15 minutes. Then at the end the bird chirped 12 times because it was 12:00 noon. After this we went to the Oktober Fest or the Beer Fest. They had beer and roller coasters, then more beer and souvenir shops and more beer and arcades and even more beer. It was quite fun, even though we had to leave early to catch a cab to drive to the train station, where we rode on the train for 5 hours. My sister got motion sickness because on the train we were on, there we some people smoking and the fact that it felt like a rollercoaster.

Today we spent 20 hours on a plane. I would tell you more but that was all that happened today.

September 27, 2006

Third Entry in the Blog

Today we started in Leipzig, we saw were Bach played the organs in St. Thomas church. There were 2 organs there. Each one was very ornate with pictures and marble and so on. Oh by the way yesterday right after I finished my entry our coach broke down and we had to wait almost an hour until another coach came to pick us up. So today we also went to a square were there was this little ring on a giant fountain and legend is that if you spin the ring 3 times with your eyes closed and make a wish, you will get that wish. That night we went to a spa hotel. The pool was great. They only had 2, but 1 was outside and freezing and the other 1 was have learned pool that I have ever seen. It was very relaxing, but then my sister and inside, warm and had the most jets I have ever seen. I would run from the hot pool to the cold pool and just back and forth until they closed at 10:00 P.M or I guess 20:00 P.M here, my time and 4:00 P.M your time.

Oh, man I only have 2 days left until I am home. I mean I love ya guys and I miss my 3 year old sister, but I am having the time of my life!!! Well while I am writing I will tell you what I have learned. I have learned that Europeans use military time, I also learned that when the black plague was spreading in Oberammergau (a city in Bavaria, Germany) some people made a promise, that if the plague would stop spreading they would do a play every 10 years of the Last 5 days of Jesus’’ Life. Sure enough that day the plague stopped spreading and everyone who had it was cured. Talk about a miracle! This play is called the Passion Play. By the way, today I took a tour of where the play takes place. Right now I am passing The Alps and Germany’s highest Mt. which is about 9,000 Ft. Sadly we can’t see much of it because it is quite cloudy and rainy.

September 24, 2006

The Berlin Wall

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This is a section of the wall that was built to stop people in east Berlin from escaping. Since the wall was taken down, they have had contests and invited people to paint sections. The painting behind me is a famous one of two world leaders of the time.

Checkpoint Charlie

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This is Checkpoint Charlie where the Americans controlled the gate between east and west Berlin.

In front of the Brandenburg Gates in Berlin

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There were many events of World War 2 that happened here, you will find pictures of the Natzi's marching under these gates. Later in the war they were bombed, and have now been repaired.

In front of the doors where Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses

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A long time ago, the actual doors burned in a fire and were replaced with these brass doors that show the 95 Theses

In front of a Cathedral

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Entry #2

We met up with our church group at the Frankfurt airport. Their plane landed an hour late, so it was hard waiting for them. When they arrived, we headed off toward the Unification Monument. It had a great view of Rhudeshiem (check the spelling). This monument was built to represent the coming together of all the German states, the first time, just before 1900.
After seeing the monument, we took a boat cruise on the Rhine river. It was two hours long, got a little boring, but we were able to see many castles. Some of them had been turned into hotels; others were under construction or in ruins still.
After the river cruise, we drove to our hotel, and went to bed after dinner. YES!

We drove to Eisenach and went to the Luther House where Martin Luther was born. We also went to the Church of St. George, this is where Luther preached. Then we went to Wartburg Castle, where Luther translated the bible. Richard Wagner also composed an opera here about a long competition that went on here. (It is 4 hours long!!) I am glad I didn’t see it. I guess?

We went to Erfert, Germany. This is where Luther became a monk after his friend was struck by lightening in a bad storm. Although Luther survived, his friend died. Later on, after so many years, Luther was “ordained” (became a priest) at the Augustinian Cloister. The church was closed for renovation, but we were able to get into the monastery. In the monastery, on one of the 3 stained glass windows was where Luther got his ideas for the Luther seal. The monastery was very pretty and the organ was HUGE and it sounded great!

We also went to the house where Luther died, in Eisleben, in 1546.. We had to rush through it, because it was right after lunch, but our food didn’t come for almost an hour. We stayed behind as the rest of the group did the tour, and then we ran through it.

Today was a pretty laid back day, even though we went to Wittenburg to see the University where Luther taught and to the Castle Church where Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the church doors. We went to the Lutherhalle, I think we could have spent the day there and still would not have looked and read all of it! The rest of the day we spent on the bus riding to Berlin. My sister slept while I read 137 pages in my book!!

Today (in Berlin) we had a step on tour where a tour guide is on the bus for half the day to tell us about everything we see. It was amazing how much she new. After the , maybe 100th church it got a little boring. We went to the old Berlin Wall. People were allowed to draw pictures on what was left of the wall and some of the pictures were quite amusing!! When this finally finished we had 3 hours of SHOPPING TIME!!!! Sadly we found a bunch of stuff for my sister and other people but I just didn’t see anything I liked. Afterwards we went to this restaurant that was supposed to be very proper and dress upy, but it turned out to be a nice looking restaurant with the attitude of a BAR!! Personally I hate alcohol, wine, beer, or anything close so I felt sick watching them pass out beers after beers. Besides that it was really fun and surprisingly most of the songs were in English! They even played the chicken dance. It was funny to watch a bunch of old men and adults do that!

This morning we drove to Dresden (eastern Germany). After a couple hours of driving we stopped at a bunch of museums and churches. After we had lunch we went to the Green Vault! I don’t know if the guys would like it but the Green Vault is a museum with rooms filled with gems and diamonds and gold and so on. It was amazing!! There were a bunch of jewelry and other items that Kings and Queens owned. It was beautiful!! Next we went to a church that had been bombed during the 2nd World War. It had been reconstructed and it too was beautiful!! Tonight we stay in leipsig.

Most frequently used words in French! Most frequently used words in German!
1. Merci – thank you 1.Gooten Mogen – Good morning
2. pardon – excuse me 2. "Enchudegen zi Bitte" or "Pardon"
3. auvour – good day 3. Gooten Tag

September 19, 2006


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Winged Victory

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Venus de Milo

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Notre Dame

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My Friends and I at the Eiffel Tower

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Cottages behind Versallies

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The Hall of Mirrors and Versallies

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Camping by the Seine

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Arriving in Dusseldorf

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First Entry - Paris France

I am sorry it has been such a long time and did not write. It has been. It has been very busy going all over Paris!

9-13-06 all of the way to 9-14-06 (no sleep)
We left Georgia at 4:30 and went on a 8 hour flight and when we arrived in Dusseldorf, Germany, it was already 7:00 A.M! Not long after that we rented a car and drove to Paris. On the way to Paris, we drove on the Autobahn, and in many places, there was no speed limit. I was very tired that day because if I slept it would end up ruining the entire trip with jetlag. The first hotel we slept in was not the best, it was very old and hot and my shower had a full length window that faced out onto a very busy street. It was frosted, but you could still see my shadow. Good thing I was in Paris, because nobody cared. That night for dinner we went to a Brasserie and had a long dinner.

The next day my family and I went to Versailles. Versailles is a famous palace that was built by Napoleon Bonaparte. It was amazing; all of the ceilings had wonderful paintings on them. My dad said that last time he was there his tour guide said if it looked like gold it probably was! So I guess there was gold everywhere! That night we went to a campground in the middle of Paris, right on the river Seine! There I met two of my pen pals; they are the daughters of people who work with my dad. They stayed with us for the entire weekend. It was great to finally meet Pen Pals that I have been writing to for almost a year!

We started the day with a tour of the Paris Sewers! It was very disgusting. It smelled horrible and there are rats down there! I learned to stay in school and make sure to get a good job, because there are people who have to work down in the sewers and I don’t want to be one of them. After that we went to the Eiffel Tower and climbed over 700 steps to the second floor and took the elevator to the top. The view was magnificent! We saw all of tourist attractions from the top and even though it was a cloudy day we could see everything, it was amazing! Then we had strange hot dogs and French fries with mayonnaise and ate them with a fork. From there we went to Monmarte and I had my picture drawn, it look OK when we were there, but the next day, it did not look anything like me. We also went to Socre Coure, inside it was hard to be quite because your footsteps echoed around everywhere, it was so big.

We got up in the morning, and went to church at Notre Dame. The rose window was better than any of the pictures of Notre Dame. There was stained glass everywhere, but the pictures of the windows did not come out. Now when I think of Notre Dame, I understand the word “breathtaking”. Before I thought it was just an adjective like “a breathtaking view” or “Amazing”, now I think of it as a verb, when you see something so beautiful you can’t breathe. After this I had to say goodbye to my friends, it was hard to let them go since I had only spent a couple of days with them. Then we went to the Louvre, that is the museum with the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. I was surprised by how small the Mona Lisa was, and my sister even had to ask “So, where’s the real thing”. My favorite part of the museum was seeing the Winged Victory. I found out that they took it down from a cliff that was overlooking the sea. Every angle you looked at it, it was beautiful.

We climbed the Arc de Triumph and had lunch on the Champs Ellysees, and when shopping at Saphorra, it is a big makeup store. Then we loaded back in the car and drove to Frankfurt Germany to meet up with people from my church.

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