January 08, 2006

Purpose of this Project

Mrs. Abrams, the contact for this project, has selected a number of 7th grade students to participate in her virtual Language Arts class. These students will publish many of their assignments and special projects here in the Mabry Global Learning Collaborative for world-wide peer review.

Often Mrs. Abrams and the other 7th grade Language Arts teachers invite guest authors to Mabry for book chats with our students and parents. When the global learners post reviews and summaries of the authors' work, by monitoring the RSS feed, the author is immediately notified of the students' posts. S/He can then reply back to the student. Authors will also be invited to have the RSS feed serve student work to their own professional websites.

Parents and fans can also search this project using a specific global learners ID to follow the work that student has posted to the collaborative.

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