Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.
March 18, 2006

Welcome to Mabry!

Click on this link to see the awesome Skylight Panorama that welcomes you to Mabry!

You can click and drag on the moving pano to make it move in the direction you wish. You can also use the <shift> and <control> keys to zoom in and out of the halls!

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March 17, 2006

Fashion Trends @ Mabry

At Mabry all students and staff members strive for the best. We work hard at what we do , and we do it in "style". School is an environment for learning, not a day at the beach! Here are a few rules and regulations to help you decide what to wear.

What NOT to wear!
* sheer or see-through garments
*profanity, or innappropritate markings or designs
*mini skirts or short shorts
*midriff shirts or tops that expose the stomach
*any clothing exposing cleavage
*halter or spaghetti strap tops
*loose fitting pants that ride low and show underwear
*chains, studded bracelets, or jewlery that is distracting or unsafe
*caps or hats
*flip flops are NOT to be worn
*sleeveless tops revealing too much of the shoulder
* pajama pants

Here are some ideas on what you CAN wear


What to wear for p.e. and connections

*basketball/athletic shorts
*t-shirt to change into
*tennis shoes or sneakers
*socks MUST be worn

*cheerleading or athletic shorts
*t-shirt to change into
*tennis shoes or sneakers
*pajama pants are acceptable during winter time(for p.e.)
*socks MUST be worn

You may not wear....
*jean or jean shorts
*tank tops, spaghetti straps, or sleeveless undershirts
*shorts can't be too short
*big earings or flashy jewelry
*stomach can't show
*can't wear the same thing you wore to school to p.e.

Remember: Dress for success NOT to impress!

Have a great first year at MABRY!!

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The First Day!


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Those who read will "Sixceed"!!


Interview with Mrs.Hendriks
Q- What is the most important rule in the Media Center?
A-Turn in your books on time!

Q-How many books are there in the library?

Q-What is the difference between our library and other schools'?
A-At our school we do a lot more "hands on" activities in our library.

Q-What programs do you offer in the Media Center?
A-We teach integrated instructions, research , and follow the class assignments.

Q-Give us three ways our computers are used?
A- We use the computers for research, Athena process, work uses.

Q- Is there anything you would like to say to the rising 6th graders?
A- You'll love it.


The Mabry Middle School library is located along the 7th grade hallway. The Mabry Media Center has countless research sources from books to computers. Mrs. Hendricks, a former teacher, is involved with activities from scavenger hunts to lessons to perfect skills involving index, table of contents, and glossary. Also, she teaches research skills... from works cited to how to navigate online. In addition, the media center has a selection of award winning books that we use each year for the 25 books that are required for us to read. No need to worry, though, middle school is a breeze if you work hard and keep up with your work. You'll do fine! Link to online research center:

Remember, our library is full of good books and good people!!!


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March 16, 2006

Media Center

Don't let your brain become a midget. Let it grow by reading some books!

In the media center, students will find books as well as computers. Computers can either be used for typing papers or research.

The types of books available for us to read are fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, and autobiographies. There are also atlases, thesauruses, and other research materials.

The Media Center staff includes Mrs.Hendrix and Mrs. Hiss.

Your Language Arts class will go to the library every other week to do a small project. These projects are at times related to holidays. Most of the times they are teaching an important library or research skill. Mrs. Hendrix makes sure all her students are up to date with the latest news and technology having to do with media.

Directions to the library:
1- Go through the front doors (near the front office).
2- Go straight to the skylight.
3- Enter the eighth grade hall and the library will be right there on your left.

The Mabry Media Center is a place to learn or to get away with a great read!

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Block Parties/Dances- Pictures








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School Rules & Policies


Mabry Middle School has many easy rules to follow so you can stay out of trouble.

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Do's and Don'ts

Make sure you have clean, organized notes.
DSC00693.JPG No DSC00694.JPG Yes

Make sure you pay attention in class!
IMGP0672.JPG No IMGP0673.JPG Yes

Do not watch TV when you could be studying!
IMGP0656.JPG Yes IMGP0655.JPG No

*Here are some tips to pass a test:
1. STUDY!!! Alone or in a group, it does not matter.
2. Take notes. Give yourself something to study with. ; )
3. Eat well. Feed your brain. : )
4. Sleep even better! Don't fall asleep during a test.
5. Don't let yourself get distracted.
6. Stay organized. You'll be less confused.
7. Ask questions if you need them.
8. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! It's good practice!

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All about P.E.

Flag football, Baseball, Tae-bo, Hockey,
Basketball, Speedball, Dancing, Capture-the-Flag,
Handball, Rugby, Ultimate Frizbee, Gymnastics,
Volleyball, Self-defense, Raquetball, and Crazy Soft Ball

Dress Out:
There are girls' and boys' locker rooms with showers included.
Students change clothes before and after class.
Girls must have appropriate length shorts with no belly showing (1-roll for sophie shorts). Guys cannot have boxers hanging out of their shorts. No glass, food, or drinks, other than water, are allowed in the locker room.



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Special Services

Welcome to Special Services Where we can give a helping hand.
Lead Teacher for Special Education

Mrs. Betty Parker is our Special Education Lead Teacher. She is an extraordinary resource for the parents of our special education students. She has worked in the field of education for 34 years and been at Mabry for 14. She taught special education students, self-contained, for 28 years before becoming our Special Education Lead Teacher.

Betty Parker interview:
Q: What are the qualifications for special services?
A: Many times the student support team will refer a student who is having problems at school for evaluation by the psychologist and me .
Q:What are the subjects thought?
A: All subjects are thought- reading, language arts, math, science and social studies.
Q:What do you do?
A: I oversee the department of 12 teachers and six paraprofessionals, evaluate students, work with the student support team, assist parents, and work with the administration.
Q: How is it different being the lead teacher ratehr than the regular special service teachers?
A: I am available to help all teachers with strategies to help students or any kind of problem.

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March 15, 2006

Car Rider and Walker Directions

Going to the car pool area from the connections hall is easy. Simply turn right at the Music Room, and proceed to the skylight. Exit the building through the from doors next to the office.

From the 6th grade commons, turn left at the end of the hallway and exit through the front doors next to the office.

Walker? Not a problem. Go to the carpool area and walk to the exit of the parking lot. Our crossing guard will tell you when to cross the road.

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Bus Directions

If you are a bus rider, you will need to go to the blacktop where the buses are. If you are coming from the connections hall, you will need to turn left at the music room. Go down the hall and turn right at the orchestra room. Walk down the hall to the double door at the end, find your bus, and go home!

If you are coming from the 6th grade commons, turn right into the skylight. Proceed down the hall and turn right at the orchestra room. Walk down the hall and exit through the double doors.

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Teacher Interviews

a) How often do you give tests?
b) What do you recommend students do to prepare for tests?
c) How can you make up a test?
d) Do you allow students to re-take tests if they made a bad grade? Why/why not?

Ms. Miceli
*To Blog

a) At the end of each chapter, so about every two to three weeks. Map tests are given two to three per unit.
b) Start reviewing their quizzes and assignments; about four to five days before, spend about ten-fifteen minutes reviewing.
c) Students need to see me when they get back and we will set up a time before or after school.
d) Usually only once, at the beginning of the year when they take their first map test. Map tests are usually the hardest, and they don't realize how much they need to study.

We would like to thank the other 6th grade teachers who kindly answered our interview questions. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and space. Thank you Mrs. Lippincott, Mrs. Cushman, Mrs. Brown-Curry!!!!

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Podcast Here

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March 14, 2006

The Clinic

Located in the 7th grade hallway, the clinic is the place to go only if you're sick, hurt, or have medication to take.


---Interview with Mrs.Waters (the nurse)---

Student- "If a student has a temperature, what procedure is followed?"
Nurse- " Well, if the temperature is greater then 100.6 degrees fahrenheit, then the student must go home."

Student- "Under what conditions would you send a child home?
Nurse- " I would recommend a child to go home if he or she has a fever, is vomiting, has diarrhea, develops a rash, breaks a bone, or has a severe headache."

Student- "At what time during the day are you available?"
Nurse- "I am available from 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M."

Student- "What type of medications are you allowed to hold for children?"
Nurse- "I can dispense all medications, but the parent must sign a specific form to dispense a prescribed medication. In middle school a student can carry an OTC medication with an OTC form. OTC stands for over- the- counter medication."

Student-"Where do students go if you are not available?"
Nurse- "A student will go to the office if I am not available."

Student- "What is the procedure if you are bringing prescription medicine from home?"
Nurse- "Parents must drop them off at the school and fill out forms."

Come Healthy, Stay Healthy!

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"ILT/Ms.Preston/Mr.Swanson/Mr. Quinn"`

Welcome to our post. This Blog will teach you all about the school's technology and the teachers that know all about it.

Continue reading " "ILT/Ms.Preston/Mr.Swanson/Mr. Quinn"`"

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All About Intramurals

Intramurals take place before school from 8:00-8:45 A.M.
The sign-in time is from 8:00 to 8:15.

  • Flag Football- Boys' and Girls' League
  • Handball-Co-ed
  • Skiing-Co-ed (If you are lucky, you'll be able to experience this!)
  • Racquetball
  • Volleyball
  • Flag football
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Arena Football
  • Racquetball
  • Handball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball

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All About Health

Classes are co-ed.
All units have tests and quizzes.


  • Body Systems
  • Drug/ Alcohol Awareness
  • Safety
  • Nutrition
  • Human Growth and Development


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Dr. Tyson Blog Interview

1. How do you think blogs help students?
- I think every teacher having a blog accomplishes several wonderful things. The classroom becomes more transparent to our stakeholders. Parents and taxpayers can see the wonderful things going on in the classroom. We have incredible teachers at Mabry. The blogs afford parents with a window into our classrooms. The most common reaction I get from everyone is, "I wish my school had been like this when I was in school!" At Mabry, this transparency fosters trust and respect.

Additionally, parents can now engage in the most effective strategy for maximizing student achievement review. Instead of asking what their student did in school today and hearing the ever repeated answer, "Nothing," parents can ask specific questions and enquire specifically in the answers their students give. Parents know what went on in class and can craft questions that help their child review. Teachers don't maintain blogs to give them extra work to do. We maintain the blogs to extend the learning day into the home as a valued and important part of parent/childhood interactions.

And another great benefit of the blog is that students can always know what was done in class if they were absent or if they just want to review. We also have student scribes in some of the classes. The scribes take notes, and once approved by the teacher, posts them on the blog to help their peers.

2. Do you foresee any changes to the blog?
-I am hopeful that we will see a lot of growth in the Mabry global learning collaboratory, which is a connection of interactive blogs in which students can post their work for global peer review. We are also using these special blogs to afford students with direct contact with some of the most extraordinary professionals in the world: doctors, engineers, and researchers. The educational potential of this project is unprecedented.

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Mac Lab 2

Q. In what ways do classes use the Mac Lab?
A. "Research, projects, such as, Keynote, pages, Power Points, Word, and iMovies."

Q. How hard is it to keep up with the computers?
A. "Managable, but busy."

Q. Who helps you run the Mac Lab?
A. "Me."

Q. What are the basic rules you enforce in the Mac Lab?
A. "No food, no drinks, show proper respect towards the computers, and no surfing."

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March 13, 2006

The Mess Hall 2

How do I put money in my account?

1) Bring the amount of money that you want to put into your account to school.
2) When your lunch time arrives, get into one of the two lunch lines.
3) When you get to the keypad, type in your number into the keypad. (see keypad directions on sub pages)
4) Finally, give the lunch cashier your money, and she will do the rest.
5) Now the amount of money that you gave the cashier is in your account, and you are free to spend your money on the lunch menu's delicious food.

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Clubs At Mabry.. Come join the fun!!

Mabry Clubs... Come join the fun!!!

Clubs at Mabry:
News Team: The WKNN newsteam is a group of students who produce and film the morning announcements every Friday morning. If you would like to join the WKNN Mabry Newsteam, talk to Mrs. Hendrix, our media specialist.
Click here for Mrs. Hendrix's blog.

Flyfishing Club: The Mabry Flyfishing club is a group that anyone can join to learn the essential techniques of flyfishing. Talk to 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Ridlehoover, to join.
Click here for Mrs. Ridlehoover's blog.

Art Club: The Mabry Art Club offers a great place for kids that love art to come and draw, sculpt, and paint, among others. Mrs. Evans is the director of the Art Club.
Click here for Mrs. Evan's blog.

Science and Environmental Club: The Environmental and Science Clubs are a "school" of students that help by managing Sweat Mountain Park. They also run Rivers Alive. Contact Mrs. Carroll if you would like to join.
Click here for Mrs. Carroll's blog.

Charger Club: The Mabry Charger Club is responsible for school spirit and special projects such as fund raisers.

Student Forum: Student Forum is a select group of kids who basically are the representatives for the student body. All members must hold an overall 3.0 grade point average to stay in the group. Mrs. Stephens runs the Mabry Student Forum.
Click here for Mrs. Stephen's blog.

Mabry Singers: The Mabry Singers are a school wide chorus that practices on advanced singing techniques. Talk to Mrs. Smith if you would like to join.
Click here for Mrs. Smith's blog.

Yearbook Staff: The Yearbook Staff help edit and produce the annual Mabry yearbook. All students in this club are in 7th and 8th grade. Mrs. McCall runs the staff.
Click here for Mrs. McCall's blog.

Math Counts: Math Counts is a hard extension of the regular math curriculum. These students play a variety of challenging games. See Mrs. Klucsarits if you would like to join.
Click here for Mrs. Klucsarits' blog.

Director's Chair: Director's chair is a club where students learn advanced film making and editing techniques. This group is led by Mr. Swanson, Mabry's Instructional Lead Teacher.

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The Mess Hall 4

Directions To The Cafeteria

1) When you walk in the front entrance, walk all the way to the skylight.
2) Take a right at the skylight and go straight until you get to the connections hallway.
3) Take a right turn when you reach the nearest hallway.
4) Walk down about 100 yards until you see the massive cafeteria on your left.

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The Mess Hall 3

Steps To The Keypad

1) Remember your lunch number.
2) Punch your number one by one into the keypad.
3) Press the enter button.
* If you press an incorrect number, press the clear button and repeat the process.

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Dances/Block Parties


Dances are great opportunities to gather with your friends and even to meet new people.

Do I Have To Pay?
- Yes, only $3.00.

What Do I Wear ?
- Regular school clothes

What do I find there?
- DJ/ music
- Food
- Drink

When Do They Happen?
- 1 in the fall
- 1 in the spring

Block Parties!
Block parties are during school and are about an hour and a half long.

How Can I Go?
- Stay out of trouble.

Whom Do I Thank?
- You can thank the PTSA for all of this.


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Celebrations and Honor Roll

-Honor Roll
Parties every nine weeks for ALL honor roll students. Drinks and food are included. Honor roll students even receive a bumper sticker and certificate. To be on honor roll, a student must achieve more A's than B's. Yet, in order to receive the highest award known as the Principal's Honor Roll, all A's are required.


-Block Parties
Block parties are off the hook! Every nine weeks, if you have not received a major punishment, you may participate in the squeduled block party.


-School Dances
Every grade has its own time to bust a move at the Mabry dances. No one gets left out at these great nights. Fun music, food, and a DJ come every year to create some of the best
dances around. You definitely won't want to miss any of these!

We interviewed a student in 6th grade about the school dances she has attended, and here is what she had to say:
"School dances are really fun, like when they have all the food and all the music it makes it really cool. And plus, it's a great way to just get out of class and have a break every once in a while." - Alexis


At Mabry Middle, many rewards are given to reconize students' hard work.

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Different Tests

Performance Series Online Testing:

  • At the beginning and the end of the year, you'll take these so your teachers can see what performance level you've achieved. This test is just a review of material you've already learned and new material that you will be learning. Relax, and you'll do fine.
  • This test is at the end of the year, and it covers the same concepts of the pre-test. It reviews what you've learned over the year, and how much you really understand. You NEED to pass this test to move to the next grade level, so try hard!
Class Tests
  • Teachers will test you in class throughout the year to make sure you're paying attention and doing well. Nearly every teacher tests or quizzes you, but many do it in different ways.

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Grades, grades everywhere...

Don't Fail...
Getting good grades throughout middle school and high school will drastically help you when applying for a college. Most colleges will not want a failing student but an A-B student.

Mrs Cushman: Language Arts

Q:1) Do you accept latework?
A:1) I accept late work one day later for a 50.

Q:2) What is your policy on absent work?
A:2) When students are absent, I give them as many days as they were absent to make it up.

Q:3) Do you give extra credit to students who are falling behind?
A:3) I do not give extra credit; however, I frequently give bonus incentives for 5 points.

Q:4) What are the keys to success in your class?
A:4) You are able to make good grades by listening in class, following directions, studying, applying him or herself to tasks, completing assignments, accepting responsibility, and going beyond the minimum requirements.
Click here to visit her blog.

Mr. Vernie: Math
Click here to visit his blog.

Mrs. Sneed: Science
Click here to visit her blog.

Are you always curious about what grades you are getting and what work you haven't turned in? Get registered with I-Parent and find out! Click here to get registered!

A= 100-90%
B= 89-80%
F=69 and below

To achieve Mabry's honor roll you need to have 4 A's and 3 B's. To achieve the principal's honor roll you need to have all A's. You also need to have all S's in conduct grades. The conduct grades are S, N, and U.

  • S= Satisfactory
  • N= Needs improvement
  • U= Unsatisfactory

If you achieve honor roll, there are special parties in the morning.

August 19- October 17 First nine weeks
October 17- January 13 Second nine weeeks
January 13- March 27 Third nine weeks
March 27- June 6 Fourth nine weeks

Your grades in sixth grade immediately start affecting what classes you will be taking in high school. For example, if you get excellent grades in sixth grade, and get placed in advanced classes for 7th and 8th grade, you will probably be recommended for honors classes in high school. Taking honors level classes in high school, will help you get ready for AP (advanced placement) classes, and those will help your GPA (grade point average) credits.

In elementary school you are probably used to being able to turn in late work. In middle school, it all depends on the teacher and grade level. In sixth grade the teachers may be easy on you and let you turn in a few things late. As you get older, most teachers will just give you a 0. So, make sure your work is turned in on time!!

Projects are normally a huge part of your grade. They vary in difficulty. Teachers will usually give you a long period of time to do them; so, make sure you keep on track.


Completing your homework, scoring high on tests, and keeping up with your grades are the keys to success when it comes to school. GOOD LUCK RISING SIXTH GRADERS!!!

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8th and 7th grade teachers


7th Grade Academic Teachers
Science-Larkin & Caroll
Marth-Tredwell, Hansard & Graber
L.A. -Baylor, Abrams & Worthington
Social Studies- Baylor, Howard & Glenn
Larkin is a great science teacher. She has a great personallity and a puts fun into the class.
Larkin's blog

Mrs. Caroll is a target science teacher. She has a lot of fun with her students.
Caroll's blog
Math is exciting and it is a new world to explore. In 7th you may take pre-algebra, algebra, or B.A.G.

Hansard's blog
Graber's blog
Treadwell's blog
LA helps you excell in writing and grammar.
Baylor's blog
Wortington's blog
Social studies: uncovering the past, learning about the present and the future.
Baylor's blog
Howard's blog
Glenn's blog
8th grade Academic Teachers

Science-Shockley & Benzin
Math-Moncrieff & Bowmen & Klucsaritz
Social Studies- Suggs & Stephens
Language Arts- Kaplan, Hartnett & Collins
Foriegn Language- Rivera & Isreal Hiles
Reading- Isreal Hiles & Jennings
Earth science is fun and exciting when exploring the unknown.
Shockley's blog
Benzin's blog
8th grade math helps you get ready for high school math.
Moncrieff's blog
Bowman's blog
Georgia History is required history for eighth graders in the state of Georgia.
Suggs's blog
Stephens's blog
L.A. helps to improve your writing skills, grammar, and enjoy literature.
Hartnett's Blog
Kaplan's blog
Collins's blog
Foreign Language gives you a choice between French and Spanish.
Rivera's blog
Isriael-Hiles's blog
Reading helps students strengthen their analysis and comprehension skilss.
Israel-Hiles's blog


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Stay out of I.S.S. if you really want success!

This is Ms. Sumrell, the ISS teacher.

How strict are you on the ISS students? Regular ed students?
I am much more strick on the ISS students due to why they are in there. In a regular education classroom, I am very structured but can joke around with the students. No joking goes on in ISS.

If you could give rising 6th grades one piece of advice, what would it be?
Unrelated to ISS, it would be to do your homework.

Ms. Sumrell is a former 8th grade teacher, but is now the ISS teacher. She is one of the nicest teachers at Mabry. She helps you understand what you did wrong and how to change it. Hopefully, you will only see her in the hallway!

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Welcome to iMovie where the Mabry experience goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!
Podcast here
Example of an iMovie

Questions to Dr. Tyson:
What is an iMovie?
-iMovie is a really powerful, easy-to-use software package that comes on every Mac computer as part of the iLife suite of programs. The software allows the user to create powerful, professional-looking movies with slick titles, transitions, etc.

How can an iMovie be used in the curriculum?
-An iMovie is like an empty container. What makes the iMovie powerful is that the container is filled up with content. When that content is related to what students learn in school, the curriculum, it makes learning school work a lot more fun and compelling. Adults are frequently amazed that our students have so much fun creating quality iMovies. The students are frequently amazed that learning can be so much fun.

How does an iMovie help students?
-I think making iMovies helps students because they like it so much. They want to do it. They find it fun and empowering that they can create something that their peers and adults both value so much. The well-made movie gives students a powerful voice to say something that matters in a way that is as professional as anything an adult can create and sell at Blockbuster. And now, with iTunes and the video iPod, students' movies can go all over the world with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Who can work on an iMovie together?
-Anyone can participate. Students at Mabry make movies on their own as reports, such as the "Tell-Tale Heart", in groups of science projects, as movies for the film festival. That's one of the reasons this is so powerful: anyone can do it!

How long does it take to make an iMovie?
-The most time-consuming part is selecting a topic that is significant and has a powerful message. The research, writing, editing, and revision takes a good bit of time as well. Shooting the well-planned movie doesn't take much time at all. Editing the movie project in iMovie is also pretty fast and easy if the project has been carefully thought out. The average movie team tells me they spend about 50 hours on a movie project from start to finish.

How do you sign up to make an iMovie?
-You simply let your teachers know you want to make one.

What equipment and training do you need to make an iMovie?
-The equipment is fairly straight forward: a digital video camera and a Mac. An external mic and a tripod are also very helpful. Students tend to think that they can hold a camera still enough to get good shots. But they learn quickly they have to have a tripod.

Other than Film Festival, how are iMovies used at school?
-More and more students use movies as projects for class. We use movies to tell the world what we are doing at Mabry in the classroom and on field trips. Movies are powerful communication tool. Now, with iTunes, we even post movies for people all over the world to see what we are doing. Check it out.

Does Mabry still have Director's Chair?
-The Director's Chair has "morphed" into small groups of students that are trained in podcasting and support a variety of podcasting projects around the school. To participate, students submit an application to the front office.
We would like to thank Dr. Tyson for his time and the information in this post.

Remember, at Mabry, technology stands above the rest!

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Sixth Grade Technology!

Did you know?

Starting sixth can be very stressful! But it doesn't have to be! The technology at our school ( Mabry Middle School) makes life so much easier! We have all kinds of technology!

Cool technology:
I-Book- is a very important tool in Mabry!

Promethean boards- are a very helpful tool for teachers!

Projector- is connected on the ceiling and works with the Promethean board!

Computers-help teachers put grades in I-parent

link here to i-parent
Printer-goes with the computer!

~Have fun with Mabry technology!~

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Foreign Language

Hola! Bonjour!
When you rise to 8th grade you can take a FOREIGN LANGUAGE!!

Try new things in your life, and learn a new language at Mabry!
Mrs. Rivera's blog
Q: What Spanish foods do you like the best?.
A: The Spanish foods I like the most are from Puerto Rico. Rice & Beans , Chicken Fricase & Mofongo

Q: Where is your class in the school?
A: My class is located in the East wing of our school. "The new part".

Q: Does any of your family live outside from the U.S?
A: Yes, I still have relatives who live in Puerto Rico , and I have a close cousin that lives with her husband in Germany.


Mrs. Israel-Hiles

Q: What French food do you like the best?
A: I love crepes, coq duvin (a chicken dish), mousse au chocolate(chocolate mousse),and souffles.

Q: Where is your class in the school?
A: 8th grade, new classroom 8E2

Q: Does any of your family live outside the U.S?
A: Yes, my sister and her family live in England. My uncle and his family live in Nigeria. I have cousins who live in France.

A foreign language student shared why he thought it was beneficial to take a foreign language:
"I would want to take a foreign language because it would get me ahead in life and I could go to certain countries and know how to talk in their language. Also, to get into most colleges, you would have to earn 2 or more credits, and a foreign language could help you get some of those needed college credits."

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Film Festival

Get rid of your books and toss 'um, and come to the Film Festival....... it will be awesome!


Interview with Mr. Swanson

What Is the Film Festival?
The Mabry Film Festival is a gala event in which student produced movies compete for top recognition by a panel of film experts. Students, dressed in formal attire, begin the event with celebratory pre-parties while the audience folllows the skylights and red carpet to the Festival. Student film makers and their admiring public then congregate to our awards ceremony for the official screening of the films and the announcement of winners in each category. The highest recognition goes to the group who wins the prestigious Best Picture category. Prizes awarded for the festival will even include an Apple laptop computer!

What does the Mabry Film Festival have to do with i-movies?
I-movies is the software on the which students edit the digital footage they shoot. It is where their ideas and hard work are transformed into the i-movie masterpiece the audience sees during the film festival.

what is the whole purpose of the film festival?
The film festival is designed to showcase the incredible movies that Mabry students produce every year. It also recognizes via prizes those movies that are truly outstanding in regards to a category such as best sound, best cinematography, best editing, or best documentary. It also is a wonderful time for the school to share with the community some of the creative talents that our students possess.

Do you have to be on an i-movie team to go?
No, but you do have to get a ticket. Although the festival continues to expand, its popularity has grown, as well, and the film festival tickets go quickly.

What would you wear there?
As with any gala event, appropriate attire is part of the festival's ambiance. Students dress the part for this formal occasion, finding their way into the back corners of their closet to bring out their best suits and evening dresses.

Do you have to pay?
To date, the Film Festival has been run off private donations, grants, and the proceeds fron DVD sales. However, this year we will be asking film goers for $3.00 per ticket to help cover the cost of the event.

The Mabry Film Festival comes once a year on April 25th from 5:30 to 10:00, and it judges the powerful and moving movies of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

Click here to view a clip of last year's i-movies.

So come to the Film Festival! it will be an unforgetable experience!

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March 10, 2006

The Brain of Mabry

The Brain of Mabry

The Office: Without its "brain", Mabry would be put to shame!

"Welcome rising 6th graders to Mabry Middle School! This post will inform you about the brain of the school...Leading your way to success!!"
Dr. Tyson "The Big Guy"

Ms. Dixon
Assistant Principal

Ms. DeBardeleben
Administrative Assistant


More pictures of the office...
DSC00549.JPG DSC00551.JPG DSC00553.JPG DSC00554.JPG DSC00555.JPG box tops.JPG

Box tops can be dropped off in the front office.

Directions to the front office:
The office is located right when you enter the front doors and to the left.


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Counselor Suite Interviews


Ms. Jackson:

1)What exactly do you do?

My job is to help students find their greatest level of success. I help 6th graders make transition as easy as possible.

2)How can students reach you for help?

They can tell a teacher they need to go to the counselor's office and get a pass. That's the best way.

3)What is your favorite part of being a counselor?

Probably getting to work with students one-on-one.

4)What do you do when you're not doing your counselor activities?

When I'm not working with students one-on-one, I'm either doing classroom guidance, parent/teacher conferences, consulting with other staff members, or testing.

Ms. Decker:

1)What exactly do you do?

I register new students, make sure the student attendance, records, and data base are correct and up to date.

2)Will you tell us three interesting facts about yourself?

I love to do yoga, I sell Mary Kay makeup products, and have three childern.

3)What do students do when they are late?

They bring their parents in, stop at the welcome desk, and sign in to get a pass and go to class.

4)What do you do if you have to leave early?

Before school you must go to the welcome desk with a parent note to get an early dismissal pass or a bus pass.


1)How do students get and fill out the money envelopes?

Envelopes are available from teachers, me (the bookkeeper), and in the main office. The envelope should be filled out with your name, teacher, grade, what the money is for and the amount, then put in the black box.

2)What type of supplies do you order for the school?

I order paper,pencils, markers, copier toner, books, videos, paper towels, mops, and trash bags.

3)What are some of your responsibilities?

I am responsibile for collecting student payments, depositing money in the bank, and posting the receipts to the school accounting system.

4)What is your largest order for the school year?

Some of the largest orders this school year have been copier toner and copy paper.

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Welcome to the New and Improved "Sixceed"!

Picture 1.png

Sixceed is a website to welcome the rising sixth graders to Mabry Middle School. Mrs. Hartnett and Mrs. Collins's eighth graders used this site as a way to write expository pieces and practice technical writing. What a great way to write a paper! We eighth graders hope you enjoy this awesome site!!!

Thanks to ALL these teachers for their technology help:

Mr.Quinn.jpg* Mr. QuinnPreston.jpg* Mrs. PrestonSwanson.jpg* Mr. Swansontim.jpg* Dr. Tyson

Click on this link to find out who could be your future teacher!

This fantastic site is designed to help rising sixth graders feel more comfortable and less stressed about coming to middle school.

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Organization and Study Habits

Studying and organization are things that will make your 6th grade year much easier and prepare you for seventh and eighth grades.

If your locker isn't organized you might lose your work! A good thing to use to stay organized is an agenda.

Unorganized agenda

Organized agenda


Study Habits

Interview with Mrs. Miceli:
1. Why do you think that good study habits are important for 6th graders?
2. Will good study habits help students in the future?
3. How long do you think that students should study for tests?
4. Do you think that students should come in early for study sessions?
5. Do you think that being organized will help students maintain good grades?

1. This is the first time sixth graders will have six different teachers with six different expectations, and if students don't have good study habits, they will have a difficult time being successful in their first year in middle school. .
2. Of course! If you have good study habits it will take you all the way through college.
3. I would suggest four to five days before the test. If you take ten to fifteen minutes each night to study, the night before the test won't be so overwhelming. The night before the test you should spend at least thirty minutes to an hour.
4. Yes. If a teacher is offering her own time to help you study, you should take advantage of the help. If you don't understand a concept, this is where you will be able to ask for clarification.
5.Yes. Being organized is extremely helpful. This is another skill that will help you throughout your entire life.

Why good study habits are important:
-If you don't have good study habits, then you might fail your tests.
-Bad test grades can pull down your average a lot.
-Good study habits will also help you in the long run.

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March 9, 2006

The School Store


The School Store is a great place to ensure that you are ready for class and ready to learn! Its supplies
-Agendas -Binders -Book Covers
-Calculators -Compass -Dividers
-Dictionaries -Erasers -Fabric Crayons
-Glue Stick -Index Cards -Markers
-Notebooks -Paper -Pencils
-Pencil Pouches -Pens -Pocket Folders
-Poster Boards -Protractors -Report Covers
-Rulers -Reeds -Post-It-Notes

The School Store is at the main entrance of the school on the left of the main hall and is open only in the mornings.
*Ask your homeroom teacher when you can pay a visit. You will need a pass from homeroom.


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Finding Your Way to Education!


This year, Mabry has made some extraordinary changes to the building. There are many destinations a student may need to attend during the day. Getting around Mabry can be hard, but with a little advice, it's a sinch!

Below are some key places a student should be aware of :

This is where all important upcoming dates and messages are posted. Students AND parents should pay close attention the the marquee.

Courtyards are located at different points around the outside of the school. These are used by teachers and students alike. A class may go outside for some quiet reading; also, courtyards are where some 4.5 week block parties are held.

The bus parking lot is where students are picked up and dropped off by their buses. The only time you should be in the bus parking lot is when you are getting on and off your bus. Also, P.E. classes occasionally have class on the bus parking lot.

( Be sure to check out the Bus Directions blog! )

The parking lot is where teachers park their cars at the beginning of the day. Also, if you are late to school or being picked up, your parents should park in the parking lot. At no point in the day should a student be in the parking lot. (Unless you are being picked up or dropped off)

( Be sure to check out the Car Rider and Walker Directions blog! )

This is the center of the building. Any destination can be easily reached from the skylight. It is located just passed the office and theater.
DSC00796.JPG DSC00797.JPG

Finding Your Way to Success Today!

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Promethean What!?!?


It's the :NEW: white board!

What is a promethean board?
It is an interactive learning tool that lets students have hands on practice and personal involvement with their learning.

What does that mean???
It lets students have fun while they learn!

What do they do?
They can create graphs, tables, and charts for the teacher.


Look below for an interview with Dr. Tyson, Principal, and Mrs. Hendrix, librarian.

Mrs. Brown-Curry, a 6th Grade teacher, shares how she uses her promethean board to teach!



This is the projector which displays the images on the actual board.


This is the actual promethean board that involves interaction.

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March 8, 2006

Dances/Block Parties

-Dances are great for gathering with your friends and even for meeting new people.

Do I Have To Pay?
-Yes, only $3.00

What do I Wear to Dances?
- Regular school clothes

What Do You Have There?

When Do You Have Them?
-1 in the fall
-1 in the spring

Block Parties
Block parties are during school and are about an hour and a half long.

How Can I Go?
- Stay out of trouble.

Who To Thank
-You can thank the PTSA for all of this.


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The Mess Hall



- It is huge.
- It has a whole wall of windows.
- Has tiled floors
- Ice and water machine
* Two different entrances
* Two lunch lines with kitchen behind it


The food

-Similar to the food in elementary school
-Regular lunches and salad lunches
-Cartful of snacks from chips to pop-tarts
-To see menu, go to lunch menu on sub pages



-Have to sit with your lunch class
-Only can go through lunch line once
-No food fights
-Cannot use microwaves
-Cannot use ice or water machines


-Located behind the lunch lines
-Brand new
-Bigger than ever
-Where all the cooking happens
-Has one huge freezer

Lunch period will probably be your most fun; you get to talk with your friends and just be able to take a break from learning............. Have fun at the Mabry Middle School Cafeteria!!!

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Mabry Lunch












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Talent Show

Talent Show!!!!!!

-What is the talent show? The talent show is a fun way of being able to express yourself and show off your talents.
All grades can enter! You can do it with a partner or a whole group.

More Talent Show Questions and Answers:

Q: What can I do in the Talent Show?
A: You can do whatever you want, it's all about sharing fun.

Q: When is the Talent Show?
A: The audition date for this year (2006) is on March 22(Wednesday), but the actual Talent Show is on April 11 (Tuesday) at 7:00 P.M

Q: How do I try out?
A:You can get the Talent Show permission forms from Mrs.Smith.

Q: Where is the Talent Show held?
A: It is held after school at the Mabry Middle School theater.

Don't be shy! Just give it a try!


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Performing Arts

Performing Arts provides many opportunities to learn about new cultures and lifestyles from interesting speakers. The speakers come once a year to teach Mabry Middle School students about how they live and also give inspiring messages.
This is a picture of Joanna Maddox when she came to Mabry for a Performing Arts learning experience.

Usually the sixth graders go to the Atlanta Symphony.

Field Trips- In 6th and 7th grades, students attend one to two field trips a year. Orchestra goes to the Atlanta Symphony and Six Flags, while band goes to Lake Lanier.

Trips from past years Include:
- Jekyll Island
- Six flags
-Atlanta Symphony
- Orlando, Florida (Orchestra and Chorus)
- Savannah, GA

Performing Arts provides a fun and exciting way to learn about other cultures and life styles! Sixth graders are sure to have a blast!

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Friendships At Mabry

"Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to your heart."

Socialization is a huge part of Mabry, but there are times to socialize and times to focus.

Times to socialize: locker breaks block parties lunch connections after school activities


Times to focus: during class
study hall

Interview Q & A (6th graders):

Q: How often do you see your friends at school?
A: Almost every period.
Q: Were you afraid you weren't going to be able to see your friends during the day?
A: Yes, but after the first couple of days, I realized there was nothing to be worried about.
Q: Did you meet new friends when you came to Mabry?
A: Yes, I made tons of them.

Keeping friends at Mabry is easy. You just have to remember when to socialize and when to work. Mabry is a place to keep your old friends and find new ones.
So have fun and good luck!

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Scribes, Blogs, and Projects.

Scribes are students who take notes about what is going on in class that day. Dr. Tyson has trained the scribers to be attentive. Scribes are very helpful tools when you are absent or don’t pay attention in class.

Blogs are very important at Mabry Middle School. They give you assignments that you have missed and they inform you about upcoming tests or quizzes. Sometimes teachers have extra credit work that you can print out and show to the teacher. Studying is the real key to success in Mabry Middle School.

Projects are usually fun to do. Projects are normally a big part of your grade. Projects can either raise your grade a significant amount or it can bring it down. They are weighted more than tests, quizzes, and homework.

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Field Trips at Mabry Middle School

Going into 6th grade isn't the only thing you don't want to miss this year...

Field Trip

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Reading at Mabry

" The greatest gift of all is the passion for reading."
-Elizabeth Hardwick

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