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March 8, 2006

7th Grade Technology

You have finished your first year at Mabry. So what technology is there to look forward to in 7th grade?

"A blast from our past"-podcast

*More technology is used in your everyday school work.

*You will have the oppportunity to learn how to fluently use the latest technology at Mabry Middle School.

*You will be introduced to making a PowerPoint; this is a slideshow of information and pictures you create on a computer.

*Your teachers use the promethean boards more often during class to demonstrare examples.

Click here to see information about promethean boards.

Let's see what three 7th grade teachers whom we have interveiwed have to say!

Q:Mrs. Carrol, how often do you use technology in your classroom?
A:We use technology a good bit. Right now, we are doing i-movie, and we use the promethean boards about 3-4 times per week.

Click here for a link to Mrs. Carrol's Blog:

Q: Mr. Howard, what type of projects do you do with the available technology?
A: We do projects such as powerpoint, research on specific points, and Google Earth.

Click here for a link to Mr. Howard's Blog:

Q: Mrs. Glenn, do you believe there is a big jump between the technology used in 6th grade and 7th grade?
A:This year we've created i-Movies, Excel spreadsheets and charts, and Podcasts. We've used digital cameras and professional lighting to photograph the memorabilia in our classroom to create a Virtual Museum. We've just recently received a SMART Board and I'm looking forward to those adventures. So, Advanced Content Social Studies students can expect a high lever of technology integration in their classroom.

Click here for a link to Mrs. Glenn's Blog:

And remember...Don't be afraid of not knowing how to use the new technology...your teachers and friends will take you step by step!

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