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March 14, 2006

"ILT/Ms.Preston/Mr.Swanson/Mr. Quinn"`

Welcome to our post. This Blog will teach you all about the school's technology and the teachers that know all about it.

He Trains teachers and students to use i-movie and podcasting. He uses wsimovie, iBookG4 and logitech microphones.

Click here for Mr.Swanson's blog.

Mr. Quinn teaches students and teachers to use podcasting, i-phtoto, i-movie, sixceed, blogs, etc. He uses the i-booksg4, cameras, DELLS, basically everything!


And Mrs. Preston pretty much just helps get computers to function right. She also programs new technology in the computers like Firefox and new versions of Garage Band.

Our school uses all types of technology such as:

-laptops -Macs -maclab -camcorders -cameras -podcasts
-promethean boards -iMovie -Dells -teacher computers

Mabry has the best technology in the best school of the state. Good luck next year sixth graders!

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