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March 6, 2006


Let's Get Down to Business!

In sixth grade you will attend classes called "connections". One class you will attend is Mr. Johnson's business class. This class will teach you about typing and computers.

L Johnson.jpg
This is Mr. Johnson your business teacher.

Keyboarding- Learn how to type faster.
Powerpoints- Create an All About Me.
Garage Band- Make up your own songs and share with the class.

Q: Do you find your business class useful for students?
A: Let's see, I find it very helpful seeing that students will be using computers for the rest of their lives.

Q: Are you a strict teacher?
A: I am.

Q: What are some fun activities you do with 6th graders?
A: They get to create their own personal business cards and get to do crash course on Garage Band.

We can promise that Mr. Johnson's class will be a class you will enjoy. You can actually get to know Mr. Johnson and interact with his class.

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