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March 13, 2006

Clubs At Mabry.. Come join the fun!!

Mabry Clubs... Come join the fun!!!

Clubs at Mabry:
News Team: The WKNN newsteam is a group of students who produce and film the morning announcements every Friday morning. If you would like to join the WKNN Mabry Newsteam, talk to Mrs. Hendrix, our media specialist.
Click here for Mrs. Hendrix's blog.

Flyfishing Club: The Mabry Flyfishing club is a group that anyone can join to learn the essential techniques of flyfishing. Talk to 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Ridlehoover, to join.
Click here for Mrs. Ridlehoover's blog.

Art Club: The Mabry Art Club offers a great place for kids that love art to come and draw, sculpt, and paint, among others. Mrs. Evans is the director of the Art Club.
Click here for Mrs. Evan's blog.

Science and Environmental Club: The Environmental and Science Clubs are a "school" of students that help by managing Sweat Mountain Park. They also run Rivers Alive. Contact Mrs. Carroll if you would like to join.
Click here for Mrs. Carroll's blog.

Charger Club: The Mabry Charger Club is responsible for school spirit and special projects such as fund raisers.

Student Forum: Student Forum is a select group of kids who basically are the representatives for the student body. All members must hold an overall 3.0 grade point average to stay in the group. Mrs. Stephens runs the Mabry Student Forum.
Click here for Mrs. Stephen's blog.

Mabry Singers: The Mabry Singers are a school wide chorus that practices on advanced singing techniques. Talk to Mrs. Smith if you would like to join.
Click here for Mrs. Smith's blog.

Yearbook Staff: The Yearbook Staff help edit and produce the annual Mabry yearbook. All students in this club are in 7th and 8th grade. Mrs. McCall runs the staff.
Click here for Mrs. McCall's blog.

Math Counts: Math Counts is a hard extension of the regular math curriculum. These students play a variety of challenging games. See Mrs. Klucsarits if you would like to join.
Click here for Mrs. Klucsarits' blog.

Director's Chair: Director's chair is a club where students learn advanced film making and editing techniques. This group is led by Mr. Swanson, Mabry's Instructional Lead Teacher.

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