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March 2, 2006


If you're competitive... Mabry will be great for you! At Mabry we have many competitions; some are academic and some are physical.


-Geography Bee: You are asked questions about geography and other social studies questions.

- Spelling Bee: Someone says a word, and you have to spell it. You can ask to repeat the word, have the word used in a sentence, be given the definition and the origin.


- Future City An interview with 8th grader Danny D.
Q: What is future city?
A: A competition between different schools in the South.
Q: What do you do?
A: You create a Future City model on a computer.
Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone, but it is mainly offered to 8th graders.
Q: When during the year do you create it?
A: It starts in the beginning of September and ends in the beginning of February.
Q: What is the point?
A: To learn how to build a city(through a process).
Q: Is it mandatory?
A: It is an extra curricular activity.

future city boys.JPG

- Oscar Night: Groups, led by a teacher, make movies, and then on a certain date, they share their movies with other groups/people and are then judged. The winners get a trophy and other prizes.


- Presidential Fitness Award: Students have to perform a certain amount of sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, etc.

- National Fitness Award: The same as presidential fitness, but you have to perform more sit-ups, push-ups, etc.

- Field Day: When two homerooms are partnered together for a fun-filled day of sports. It takes place for a whole school day, outside, at the end of the year.

-Intramurals: In the mornings before school, you play different games or sports. There are handball, flag football, and some other teams that compete against each other.
int coun.JPG IMG_4272.JPG

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Don't worry! A little competition now and then will help you "Sixceed"!

Posted by Mrs. Hartnett

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