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March 10, 2006

Counselor Suite Interviews


Ms. Jackson:

1)What exactly do you do?

My job is to help students find their greatest level of success. I help 6th graders make transition as easy as possible.

2)How can students reach you for help?

They can tell a teacher they need to go to the counselor's office and get a pass. That's the best way.

3)What is your favorite part of being a counselor?

Probably getting to work with students one-on-one.

4)What do you do when you're not doing your counselor activities?

When I'm not working with students one-on-one, I'm either doing classroom guidance, parent/teacher conferences, consulting with other staff members, or testing.

Ms. Decker:

1)What exactly do you do?

I register new students, make sure the student attendance, records, and data base are correct and up to date.

2)Will you tell us three interesting facts about yourself?

I love to do yoga, I sell Mary Kay makeup products, and have three childern.

3)What do students do when they are late?

They bring their parents in, stop at the welcome desk, and sign in to get a pass and go to class.

4)What do you do if you have to leave early?

Before school you must go to the welcome desk with a parent note to get an early dismissal pass or a bus pass.


1)How do students get and fill out the money envelopes?

Envelopes are available from teachers, me (the bookkeeper), and in the main office. The envelope should be filled out with your name, teacher, grade, what the money is for and the amount, then put in the black box.

2)What type of supplies do you order for the school?

I order paper,pencils, markers, copier toner, books, videos, paper towels, mops, and trash bags.

3)What are some of your responsibilities?

I am responsibile for collecting student payments, depositing money in the bank, and posting the receipts to the school accounting system.

4)What is your largest order for the school year?

Some of the largest orders this school year have been copier toner and copy paper.

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