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March 3, 2006

Counselors' Suite

Ever feel unloved?
Need some advice?
Need someone to talk to?
Have questions about school attendance?
Need to turn in money?

How do you get there...

The Counselors' Suite is located down the main hallway after you enter Mabry. You proceed past the front office and take the first right, and the Counserlors' Suite is the first door on the right.

The Pupil Personnel Clerk's desk is on the left side of the main room.
The bookkeeper Miss Osterfeld's office is also located in the suite.
The two counselors at Mabry , Mrs. Jackson and Ms. Hagg, have offices in the counselors' suite, also.

The Pupil Perrsonnel Clerk
The pupil personnel clerk is Mrs. Decker. She is responsible for the attendance records. If you are absent, your parents must send in a note. This way she can enter you as excused so you can make-up class assignments. Also, if you sign in to school late, or leave early, she keeps track of the sign-in/out sheets and updates the attendance.

IMG_1224.JPG IMG_1225.JPG

The Bookeeper
The bookeeper, Miss Osterfeld, is responsible for collecting all money that a child sends to school. This includes all field trip money, yearbooks, books lost, and fund raising money. You can either give her the money directly or place it in a bookeeping envelope and turn it in at the black box in front office.

The Counselors
Mabry has two counselors for three grades. Ms. Jackson serves as the 6th and 7th grade counselor. Ms. Haag serves as the counselor for 7th and 8th grades. They are available almost any time and can be reached via blog or directly through the front office secretary who will connect you to their phone extension. The counselors can assist you with conflicts, advice, or schedule needs.

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