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March 14, 2006

Dr. Tyson Blog Interview

1. How do you think blogs help students?
- I think every teacher having a blog accomplishes several wonderful things. The classroom becomes more transparent to our stakeholders. Parents and taxpayers can see the wonderful things going on in the classroom. We have incredible teachers at Mabry. The blogs afford parents with a window into our classrooms. The most common reaction I get from everyone is, "I wish my school had been like this when I was in school!" At Mabry, this transparency fosters trust and respect.

Additionally, parents can now engage in the most effective strategy for maximizing student achievement review. Instead of asking what their student did in school today and hearing the ever repeated answer, "Nothing," parents can ask specific questions and enquire specifically in the answers their students give. Parents know what went on in class and can craft questions that help their child review. Teachers don't maintain blogs to give them extra work to do. We maintain the blogs to extend the learning day into the home as a valued and important part of parent/childhood interactions.

And another great benefit of the blog is that students can always know what was done in class if they were absent or if they just want to review. We also have student scribes in some of the classes. The scribes take notes, and once approved by the teacher, posts them on the blog to help their peers.

2. Do you foresee any changes to the blog?
-I am hopeful that we will see a lot of growth in the Mabry global learning collaboratory, which is a connection of interactive blogs in which students can post their work for global peer review. We are also using these special blogs to afford students with direct contact with some of the most extraordinary professionals in the world: doctors, engineers, and researchers. The educational potential of this project is unprecedented.

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