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March 3, 2006


Fieldtrips at Mabry Middle School are enjoyable for kids of all ages! When children enter the exciting world of middle school, they go to all new and different places! Depending on what grade or clubs you're in, the fieldtrips may vary.

A few examples of these fieldtrips are...

1. Jeckyll Island
2. Christmas Carol
3. Orlando
4. Six Flags
5. Ski and Snowboarding
And many more new and adventurous journeys.

Here are just some of many of the pictures from Jeckyll Island.

More Jeckyll Pictures

~More information about the Chorus Orlando trip!~

* The chorus students usually go to Orlando during the spring. To go on this trip it usually costs about $450 a person. The students raise money to go on this trip by selling cheese cakes. They usually go on this trip for a little less than a week. Everyone has an amazing time going on this trip. They ride all the rides, perfrom at different places, and the children also go to a recording session! In the past years, the students have gone to MGM, Epcot, Disney World, and Universal Studios. Everyone in chorus is more than welcome to come along! *

~More information about the Jeckyll Island Fieldtrip~

* This trip costs about $180 per student depending on how many children choose to go. This trips is a great opportunity for educational purposes. The children are able to get hands on experience with different life science activities. When the kids go on The Jeckyll Trip, students will engage in different classes that will not be held in just a classroom. Instead, they will be held around the campus outside. Many parent volenteers also come along on this trip with some of the teachers. The bus ride up to Jeckyll is about 6 hours long including stopping for lunch and a rest stop. The students going on the trip will have regular school work that will interact with their activities on the island. The other students who choose not go, will have regular school work in the classroom. No student will be turned away because of financial situation. This trip is very memorable for everyone who goes! *

The fieldtrips in middle school will be adventures that you and your friends will always remember!!!

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