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March 13, 2006

Film Festival

Get rid of your books and toss 'um, and come to the Film Festival....... it will be awesome!


Interview with Mr. Swanson

What Is the Film Festival?
The Mabry Film Festival is a gala event in which student produced movies compete for top recognition by a panel of film experts. Students, dressed in formal attire, begin the event with celebratory pre-parties while the audience folllows the skylights and red carpet to the Festival. Student film makers and their admiring public then congregate to our awards ceremony for the official screening of the films and the announcement of winners in each category. The highest recognition goes to the group who wins the prestigious Best Picture category. Prizes awarded for the festival will even include an Apple laptop computer!

What does the Mabry Film Festival have to do with i-movies?
I-movies is the software on the which students edit the digital footage they shoot. It is where their ideas and hard work are transformed into the i-movie masterpiece the audience sees during the film festival.

what is the whole purpose of the film festival?
The film festival is designed to showcase the incredible movies that Mabry students produce every year. It also recognizes via prizes those movies that are truly outstanding in regards to a category such as best sound, best cinematography, best editing, or best documentary. It also is a wonderful time for the school to share with the community some of the creative talents that our students possess.

Do you have to be on an i-movie team to go?
No, but you do have to get a ticket. Although the festival continues to expand, its popularity has grown, as well, and the film festival tickets go quickly.

What would you wear there?
As with any gala event, appropriate attire is part of the festival's ambiance. Students dress the part for this formal occasion, finding their way into the back corners of their closet to bring out their best suits and evening dresses.

Do you have to pay?
To date, the Film Festival has been run off private donations, grants, and the proceeds fron DVD sales. However, this year we will be asking film goers for $3.00 per ticket to help cover the cost of the event.

The Mabry Film Festival comes once a year on April 25th from 5:30 to 10:00, and it judges the powerful and moving movies of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

Click here to view a clip of last year's i-movies.

So come to the Film Festival! it will be an unforgetable experience!

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