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March 13, 2006


Grades, grades everywhere...

Don't Fail...
Getting good grades throughout middle school and high school will drastically help you when applying for a college. Most colleges will not want a failing student but an A-B student.

Mrs Cushman: Language Arts

Q:1) Do you accept latework?
A:1) I accept late work one day later for a 50.

Q:2) What is your policy on absent work?
A:2) When students are absent, I give them as many days as they were absent to make it up.

Q:3) Do you give extra credit to students who are falling behind?
A:3) I do not give extra credit; however, I frequently give bonus incentives for 5 points.

Q:4) What are the keys to success in your class?
A:4) You are able to make good grades by listening in class, following directions, studying, applying him or herself to tasks, completing assignments, accepting responsibility, and going beyond the minimum requirements.
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Mr. Vernie: Math
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Mrs. Sneed: Science
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A= 100-90%
B= 89-80%
F=69 and below

To achieve Mabry's honor roll you need to have 4 A's and 3 B's. To achieve the principal's honor roll you need to have all A's. You also need to have all S's in conduct grades. The conduct grades are S, N, and U.

If you achieve honor roll, there are special parties in the morning.

August 19- October 17 First nine weeks
October 17- January 13 Second nine weeeks
January 13- March 27 Third nine weeks
March 27- June 6 Fourth nine weeks

Your grades in sixth grade immediately start affecting what classes you will be taking in high school. For example, if you get excellent grades in sixth grade, and get placed in advanced classes for 7th and 8th grade, you will probably be recommended for honors classes in high school. Taking honors level classes in high school, will help you get ready for AP (advanced placement) classes, and those will help your GPA (grade point average) credits.

In elementary school you are probably used to being able to turn in late work. In middle school, it all depends on the teacher and grade level. In sixth grade the teachers may be easy on you and let you turn in a few things late. As you get older, most teachers will just give you a 0. So, make sure your work is turned in on time!!

Projects are normally a huge part of your grade. They vary in difficulty. Teachers will usually give you a long period of time to do them; so, make sure you keep on track.


Completing your homework, scoring high on tests, and keeping up with your grades are the keys to success when it comes to school. GOOD LUCK RISING SIXTH GRADERS!!!

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