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March 13, 2006


Welcome to iMovie where the Mabry experience goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!
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Example of an iMovie

Questions to Dr. Tyson:
What is an iMovie?
-iMovie is a really powerful, easy-to-use software package that comes on every Mac computer as part of the iLife suite of programs. The software allows the user to create powerful, professional-looking movies with slick titles, transitions, etc.

How can an iMovie be used in the curriculum?
-An iMovie is like an empty container. What makes the iMovie powerful is that the container is filled up with content. When that content is related to what students learn in school, the curriculum, it makes learning school work a lot more fun and compelling. Adults are frequently amazed that our students have so much fun creating quality iMovies. The students are frequently amazed that learning can be so much fun.

How does an iMovie help students?
-I think making iMovies helps students because they like it so much. They want to do it. They find it fun and empowering that they can create something that their peers and adults both value so much. The well-made movie gives students a powerful voice to say something that matters in a way that is as professional as anything an adult can create and sell at Blockbuster. And now, with iTunes and the video iPod, students' movies can go all over the world with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Who can work on an iMovie together?
-Anyone can participate. Students at Mabry make movies on their own as reports, such as the "Tell-Tale Heart", in groups of science projects, as movies for the film festival. That's one of the reasons this is so powerful: anyone can do it!

How long does it take to make an iMovie?
-The most time-consuming part is selecting a topic that is significant and has a powerful message. The research, writing, editing, and revision takes a good bit of time as well. Shooting the well-planned movie doesn't take much time at all. Editing the movie project in iMovie is also pretty fast and easy if the project has been carefully thought out. The average movie team tells me they spend about 50 hours on a movie project from start to finish.

How do you sign up to make an iMovie?
-You simply let your teachers know you want to make one.

What equipment and training do you need to make an iMovie?
-The equipment is fairly straight forward: a digital video camera and a Mac. An external mic and a tripod are also very helpful. Students tend to think that they can hold a camera still enough to get good shots. But they learn quickly they have to have a tripod.

Other than Film Festival, how are iMovies used at school?
-More and more students use movies as projects for class. We use movies to tell the world what we are doing at Mabry in the classroom and on field trips. Movies are powerful communication tool. Now, with iTunes, we even post movies for people all over the world to see what we are doing. Check it out.

Does Mabry still have Director's Chair?
-The Director's Chair has "morphed" into small groups of students that are trained in podcasting and support a variety of podcasting projects around the school. To participate, students submit an application to the front office.
We would like to thank Dr. Tyson for his time and the information in this post.

Remember, at Mabry, technology stands above the rest!

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