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March 15, 2006


Teacher Interviews

a) How often do you give tests?
b) What do you recommend students do to prepare for tests?
c) How can you make up a test?
d) Do you allow students to re-take tests if they made a bad grade? Why/why not?

Ms. Miceli
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a) At the end of each chapter, so about every two to three weeks. Map tests are given two to three per unit.
b) Start reviewing their quizzes and assignments; about four to five days before, spend about ten-fifteen minutes reviewing.
c) Students need to see me when they get back and we will set up a time before or after school.
d) Usually only once, at the beginning of the year when they take their first map test. Map tests are usually the hardest, and they don't realize how much they need to study.

We would like to thank the other 6th grade teachers who kindly answered our interview questions. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and space. Thank you Mrs. Lippincott, Mrs. Cushman, Mrs. Brown-Curry!!!!

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