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March 10, 2006


Welcome to the New and Improved "Sixceed"!

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Sixceed is a website to welcome the rising sixth graders to Mabry Middle School. Mrs. Hartnett and Mrs. Collins's eighth graders used this site as a way to write expository pieces and practice technical writing. What a great way to write a paper! We eighth graders hope you enjoy this awesome site!!!

Thanks to ALL these teachers for their technology help:

Mr.Quinn.jpg* Mr. QuinnPreston.jpg* Mrs. PrestonSwanson.jpg* Mr. Swansontim.jpg* Dr. Tyson

Click on this link to find out who could be your future teacher!

This fantastic site is designed to help rising sixth graders feel more comfortable and less stressed about coming to middle school.

Thank you to all teachers and students for helping us make a phenominal web site. You have been so patient even with all the interviews and questions that were continuously asked by students.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now, go check out all the awesome posts on "Sixceed!"

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