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March 2, 2006

Art, Drama, and Chorus


The drama! The music! The masterpieces! Paint like Leonardo DiVinci, act like Ewan McGregor, sing like Shania Twain! Be a star! Think about it - those people had to start somewhere.
Mabry offers art and drama as connections classes (two extra-curricular classes that you go to daily for nine-week segments). Chorus, however, is not a connections class, and must be taken in the morning before school, and lasts for all three years.


Art, a fantastic way to show your creative side, is taught by Mrs. Evans. In this class, you get to do tons of fun things! Everything from tesselations to paintings - your big chance to show everyone what you're made of!
If you really like art, you can join the Art Club that meets every other Wendesday in the art room. This class is really worth attending! This year, we have painted a van, made tiles, and made Christmas cards.
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What's your favorite movie? What if you were the star? Wouldn't you like to be the next "scruffy-lookin' nerf-herder" or the new Luna Lovegood? Drama is the class of stars - the way to get to Hollywood! This class is taught by Mrs. Smith.
Unfortunately, there is no Drama Club at Mabry... maybe your class can start one!


Do re mi fa sol la ti do! Who watches American Idol? Who has ever wanted to be the American Idol? I know I have. Just grab the mike in this class, and you're on your way to stardom! Mrs. Smith will take you there with wonderful opportunities and concerts!
Chorus, or "Mabry Singers", meets every Tuesday at 8:15 to practice songs and make beautiful music together.


If you want to join the art club or chorus, just talk to Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Evans, or listen to the announcements; whatever works. So go forth and prosper, live life to the fullest! Adeiu, adeiu to yeiu and yeiu and yeiu!

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