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March 3, 2006

It's No Sweat!!

Behind the scenes of the P.E. Territory

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CPA (covered play area):

Diamonds in the Rough:

Boys' and Girls' Locker Rooms:

Information on people and places of P.E.

Coaches:-The coaches are Coach Spannagel, Coach McCall, Coach Jones, and Coach Graber.
- The coaches also oversee the locker rooms.

Covered Play Area:-You participate in activities in the covered play area.
-You play raquetball, team unit, volleyball, tennis, team handball, etc.
-You will also have roll call and after school activities in the covered play area.

Basketball Gym:-The basketball gym is used for the units of basketball, handball, pickleball, taebo, etc
-You'll also use the gym if you are involved in the Lassiter basketball program.

Fields:-The three fields are used for football, rugby, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and intramurals.
-The Sweat Mountain baseball fields are used for rugby, softball, and baseball.

Rules of P.E.:-No touching equipment without instruction from a teacher.
-No pushing or touching another student.

Dress Code:-No sleeveless shirts.
-No short shirts.
Directions from front door

To CPA:-After coming through the front door keep going straight until you hit the sky light.
-Next, take the hallway on your right.
-You will pass the fitness rooms and see a hallway on your right.
-Then you will come to a fork in the hall; take the right side.
-You'll pass by the boys' locker room and come to a doorway; inside is the cpa.
To Basketball Gym:Same directions as CPA except at fork take a left.

P.E. is awesome! You'll get a kick out of it!!!

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