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March 16, 2006

Media Center

Don't let your brain become a midget. Let it grow by reading some books!

In the media center, students will find books as well as computers. Computers can either be used for typing papers or research.

The types of books available for us to read are fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, and autobiographies. There are also atlases, thesauruses, and other research materials.

The Media Center staff includes Mrs.Hendrix and Mrs. Hiss.

Your Language Arts class will go to the library every other week to do a small project. These projects are at times related to holidays. Most of the times they are teaching an important library or research skill. Mrs. Hendrix makes sure all her students are up to date with the latest news and technology having to do with media.

Directions to the library:
1- Go through the front doors (near the front office).
2- Go straight to the skylight.
3- Enter the eighth grade hall and the library will be right there on your left.

The Mabry Media Center is a place to learn or to get away with a great read!

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