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March 6, 2006

Media Specialists

The Media Center is the place to go for great resources and novels.
There are two media specialists at Mabry Middle School. They are Mrs. Hendrix and Mrs. Hiss.

Mrs. Hendricks

Q: How many classes do you teach in a week?
A: I will teach 20-25 students in a week, but for a double class, I teach 40 students.

Q: What happens when a book is lost or stolen?
A: If stolen, it will have to be replaced, or a student must pay a payment around $25. If the book is lost, a student will have to pay the cost that the book is worth.

Q: What work do you do?
A: I teach classes on the following subjects: research process, Cobb Virtual library, and internet searching safety.

Q: Do you enjoy working as a media specialists?
A: Yes, I love working with students because I love children.

Q: Are you looking forward to the upcoming 6th graders?
A: Yes, the new sixth graders will be well- prepared for the future years of school.

Q: What is your favorite book?
A: My favorite book is Green Mansion by William Henry Hudson.

Q: What competitions do you enter?
A: I enter trivia contests, Reading for Medals, and Jingle Bells 12 Days of Reading.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the book fair?
A: We have a spring and fall book fair. Money from the fair goes towards buying new books for the school, and most of the Scholastic Books go to the classes.

Media Center Blog

Mrs. Hiss

Q: What do you do?
A: Well... I stock books on the shelves, check books out, help kids find books, and train parent volunteers.

Q: If you weren't a media specialist, what would you be?
A: I was once a social studies teacher, and I enjoyed that, so I would probably return to the classroom.

Q: What is you favorite book?
A: To Kill a Mockingbird

Q: What is your favorite movie?
A: Forest Gump

Q: What is your favorite t.v. show?
A: American Idol

Pictures of the Media Center

In conclusion, the Media Center is the place to go!

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