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March 10, 2006

Organization and Study Habits

Studying and organization are things that will make your 6th grade year much easier and prepare you for seventh and eighth grades.

If your locker isn't organized you might lose your work! A good thing to use to stay organized is an agenda.

Unorganized agenda

Organized agenda


Study Habits

Interview with Mrs. Miceli:
1. Why do you think that good study habits are important for 6th graders?
2. Will good study habits help students in the future?
3. How long do you think that students should study for tests?
4. Do you think that students should come in early for study sessions?
5. Do you think that being organized will help students maintain good grades?

1. This is the first time sixth graders will have six different teachers with six different expectations, and if students don't have good study habits, they will have a difficult time being successful in their first year in middle school. .
2. Of course! If you have good study habits it will take you all the way through college.
3. I would suggest four to five days before the test. If you take ten to fifteen minutes each night to study, the night before the test won't be so overwhelming. The night before the test you should spend at least thirty minutes to an hour.
4. Yes. If a teacher is offering her own time to help you study, you should take advantage of the help. If you don't understand a concept, this is where you will be able to ask for clarification.
5.Yes. Being organized is extremely helpful. This is another skill that will help you throughout your entire life.

Why good study habits are important:
-If you don't have good study habits, then you might fail your tests.
-Bad test grades can pull down your average a lot.
-Good study habits will also help you in the long run.

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