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March 8, 2006

Performing Arts

Performing Arts provides many opportunities to learn about new cultures and lifestyles from interesting speakers. The speakers come once a year to teach Mabry Middle School students about how they live and also give inspiring messages.
This is a picture of Joanna Maddox when she came to Mabry for a Performing Arts learning experience.

Usually the sixth graders go to the Atlanta Symphony.

Field Trips- In 6th and 7th grades, students attend one to two field trips a year. Orchestra goes to the Atlanta Symphony and Six Flags, while band goes to Lake Lanier.

Trips from past years Include:
- Jekyll Island
- Six flags
-Atlanta Symphony
- Orlando, Florida (Orchestra and Chorus)
- Savannah, GA

Performing Arts provides a fun and exciting way to learn about other cultures and life styles! Sixth graders are sure to have a blast!

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