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March 9, 2006

Promethean What!?!?


It's the :NEW: white board!

What is a promethean board?
It is an interactive learning tool that lets students have hands on practice and personal involvement with their learning.

What does that mean???
It lets students have fun while they learn!

What do they do?
They can create graphs, tables, and charts for the teacher.


Look below for an interview with Dr. Tyson, Principal, and Mrs. Hendrix, librarian.

Mrs. Brown-Curry, a 6th Grade teacher, shares how she uses her promethean board to teach!



This is the projector which displays the images on the actual board.


This is the actual promethean board that involves interaction.

Interview with Dr.Tyson:Tim Tyson.jpg

Why did Mabry receive promethean boards?
I first learned of the boards in a meeting at Kennesaw State University. I asked the company to come out to Mabry and demonstrate the boards to the teachers. They loved them. I was hopeful we would be able to purchase one. However, as it turned out, we were able to furnish every new classroom in the new construction with these interactive white boards. We were very excited.

Why did only certain teachers receive them?
All the science teachers got one because they each got a new classroom. And the teachers assigned to any extra classrooms were able to have the boards as well. Mabry also won 3 new boards after winning the Scholastic and Intel Schools of Distinction Award for technology innovation.

Do many other school have them, also?
Yes, other schools in Cobb County also have these interactive white boards, as well. In fact, a couple of school districts in the state have put one in every single classroom in their school district! I am hopeful that over the next few years we will be able to see more and more classes in Cobb County, and specifically at Mabry, have this technology.

Interview with Mrs. Hendrix:Hendrix.jpg

How are the promethean boards helpful to our education?
They allow great flexibility and involve technology. You can see immediate results with it.

What are some of the rules when using a promethean board?

  • You cannot write on them without a promethean pen.
  • A teacher must be present when you use one.
  • No food or drink near the board.
  • If you don't behave, you cannot use it!

    Interview with Mrs. Brown-Curry:Brown-Curry.jpg

    How are you using the promethean board to teach?
    I have used the promethean board in a couple of ways: 1) as an interactive concept map, 2) as an interactive Jeopardy game, 3) to show science vocabulary of the week and announcements.

    Has it changed or helped your teaching?
    Yes, I believe that the board has helped student learning. The more I learn about it, the more I can use it in my teaching.

  • With good behavior comes big rewards, like using

    a promethean board!



    * White boards just got better! *

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