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March 16, 2006

School Rules & Policies


Mabry Middle School has many easy rules to follow so you can stay out of trouble.

Make-up Work: If you are absent from school, you may call a friend to get missed assignments, or get them from your teachers when you are able to return to school. Every student is responsible for being sure that all their individual work is made up. If a student misses a test because of an unexpected absence , they will be responsible to make up the test on the day he/she returns to class. Missed class work may be picked up for students who will be out three or more days. Upon return from an absence, the student will be give one day for each day he/she was absent to complete make-up work. The assignments should be completed within the number of days equal to the number of days the student was absent. Missed class work for extensive five or more days will be taken up with the counselors and teachers.

Drugs: Of course, no drugs will be tolerated. Even if you are joking around saying that something is a drug, it can result in a minimum of ten days OSS.

Locker checks: If the administrators feel the need to check your lockers, they may do so without your permission. You do not own your lockers, the school does.

Dress Code: The administrators reserve the right to make individual judgements on the appropriateness of a student's attire. The extent of the punishment for breaking the dress code also is determined by the administration. check the mabry dress code!

Conferences: At the end of the first nine weeks, parents will be scheduled to appear at a 20 minute parent-teacher conference informing the parents on their childs academic progress and behavior.

Transitional learning Center: The TLC helps students to catch up on work missed while serving OSS.
Students may attend the TLC on the 6th day of suspension for a maximum of 20 days at one time.

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