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March 17, 2006


Those who read will "Sixceed"!!


Interview with Mrs.Hendriks
Q- What is the most important rule in the Media Center?
A-Turn in your books on time!

Q-How many books are there in the library?

Q-What is the difference between our library and other schools'?
A-At our school we do a lot more "hands on" activities in our library.

Q-What programs do you offer in the Media Center?
A-We teach integrated instructions, research , and follow the class assignments.

Q-Give us three ways our computers are used?
A- We use the computers for research, Athena process, work uses.

Q- Is there anything you would like to say to the rising 6th graders?
A- You'll love it.


The Mabry Middle School library is located along the 7th grade hallway. The Mabry Media Center has countless research sources from books to computers. Mrs. Hendricks, a former teacher, is involved with activities from scavenger hunts to lessons to perfect skills involving index, table of contents, and glossary. Also, she teaches research skills... from works cited to how to navigate online. In addition, the media center has a selection of award winning books that we use each year for the 25 books that are required for us to read. No need to worry, though, middle school is a breeze if you work hard and keep up with your work. You'll do fine! Link to online research center:

Remember, our library is full of good books and good people!!!


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