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March 16, 2006

Special Services

Welcome to Special Services Where we can give a helping hand.
Lead Teacher for Special Education

Mrs. Betty Parker is our Special Education Lead Teacher. She is an extraordinary resource for the parents of our special education students. She has worked in the field of education for 34 years and been at Mabry for 14. She taught special education students, self-contained, for 28 years before becoming our Special Education Lead Teacher.

Betty Parker interview:
Q: What are the qualifications for special services?
A: Many times the student support team will refer a student who is having problems at school for evaluation by the psychologist and me .
Q:What are the subjects thought?
A: All subjects are thought- reading, language arts, math, science and social studies.
Q:What do you do?
A: I oversee the department of 12 teachers and six paraprofessionals, evaluate students, work with the student support team, assist parents, and work with the administration.
Q: How is it different being the lead teacher ratehr than the regular special service teachers?
A: I am available to help all teachers with strategies to help students or any kind of problem.

Mrs. Rand

Mrs. Jackie Rand is one of our outstanding special education teachers. She graduated from Jersey City State University with a BA in Special Education and from Georgia State with an MA in School Counseling. This is the beginning of her 15th year teaching Special Education. Mrs. Rand taught 2 years in New Jersey and 12 years in Cobb County and is beginning her 3rd year at Mabry. She says that, "I know my best years of teaching are still ahead of me."

Mrs. Krodman
Mrs. Krodman interview.
Q: What are the qualifications for special services for students?
A: There is a procedure to be followed for students to receive special education services. This process is usually begun in elementary school, but sometimes students come to middle school and start having difficulty with the demands of so many different subjects. In this case, their teachers start to develop strategies to assist them so that they can achieve. For many students this is enough help to be successful. Other students need to be taught differently even though they are just as smart as their classmates. Sometimes this is organizational or study skills help; sometimes it is help with reading or writing composition skills, and sometimes it is help with math. Students who need special education services are students with average or above average intelligence that need multi-sensory instruction.
Q: What are the subjects taught?
A: In middle school, special education services are offered for every academic subject and occasionally foreign language and connection classes.
Q: What do you do?
A: This year, I teach sixth grade math, science, social studies and language arts, and in seventh grade math and language arts. Also, I prepare individualized education plans for students, perform duties assigned to me by the administrators, and teach a STARS class.
Q What are the requirements for your job?
A: Any teacher must complete a bachelor’s degree and pass certain tests. Additionally, I hold a teaching certificate with concentrations in every academic area I teach.

Seven of Mrs. Krodman's twenty years of teaching experience have been at Mabry Middle School. The remaining thirteen years were in three public school districts in three different states and one private school. Her experience covers first, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Though she began her teaching career in regular education, her true passion in education is working with students who have special learning needs. Mrs. Donna Krodman is one of the outstanding special education teachers at Mabry. She says that this is the place where she feels her teaching really matters.
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