Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years. Making Learning Irresitable for Over 25 Years.


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Interview with Mrs.Hendriks
Q- What is the most important rule in the Media Center?
A-Turn in your books on time!

Q-How many books are there in the library?

Q-What is the difference between our library and other schools'?
A-At our school we do a lot more "hands on" activities in our library.

Q-What programs do you offer in the Media Center?
A-We teach integrated instructions, research , and follow the class assignments.

Q-Give us three ways our computers are used?
A- We use the computers for research, Athena process, work uses.

Q- Is there anything you would like to say to the rising 6th graders?
A- You'll love it.


The Mabry Middle School library is located along the 7th grade hallway. The Mabry Media Center has countless research sources from books to computers. Mrs. Hendricks, a former teacher, is involved with activities from scavenger hunts to lessons to perfect skills involving index, table of contents, and glossary. Also, she teaches research skills... from works cited to how to navigate online. In addition, the media center has a selection of award winning books that we use each year for the 25 books that are required for us to read. No need to worry, though, middle school is a breeze if you work hard and keep up with your work. You'll do fine! Link to online research center:

Remember, our library is full of good books and good people!!!


posted on: March 17, 2006

Dr. Tyson Blog Interview

1. How do you think blogs help students?
- I think every teacher having a blog accomplishes several wonderful things. The classroom becomes more transparent to our stakeholders. Parents and taxpayers can see the wonderful things going on in the classroom. We have incredible teachers at Mabry. The blogs afford parents with a window into our classrooms. The most common reaction I get from everyone is, "I wish my school had been like this when I was in school!" At Mabry, this transparency fosters trust and respect.

Additionally, parents can now engage in the most effective strategy for maximizing student achievement review. Instead of asking what their student did in school today and hearing the ever repeated answer, "Nothing," parents can ask specific questions and enquire specifically in the answers their students give. Parents know what went on in class and can craft questions that help their child review. Teachers don't maintain blogs to give them extra work to do. We maintain the blogs to extend the learning day into the home as a valued and important part of parent/childhood interactions.

And another great benefit of the blog is that students can always know what was done in class if they were absent or if they just want to review. We also have student scribes in some of the classes. The scribes take notes, and once approved by the teacher, posts them on the blog to help their peers.

2. Do you foresee any changes to the blog?
-I am hopeful that we will see a lot of growth in the Mabry global learning collaboratory, which is a connection of interactive blogs in which students can post their work for global peer review. We are also using these special blogs to afford students with direct contact with some of the most extraordinary professionals in the world: doctors, engineers, and researchers. The educational potential of this project is unprecedented.

posted on: March 14, 2006

Mac Lab 2

Q. In what ways do classes use the Mac Lab?
A. "Research, projects, such as, Keynote, pages, Power Points, Word, and iMovies."

Q. How hard is it to keep up with the computers?
A. "Managable, but busy."

Q. Who helps you run the Mac Lab?
A. "Me."

Q. What are the basic rules you enforce in the Mac Lab?
A. "No food, no drinks, show proper respect towards the computers, and no surfing."

posted on: March 14, 2006


Welcome to iMovie where the Mabry experience goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty!
Podcast here
Example of an iMovie

Questions to Dr. Tyson:
What is an iMovie?
-iMovie is a really powerful, easy-to-use software package that comes on every Mac computer as part of the iLife suite of programs. The software allows the user to create powerful, professional-looking movies with slick titles, transitions, etc.

How can an iMovie be used in the curriculum?
-An iMovie is like an empty container. What makes the iMovie powerful is that the container is filled up with content. When that content is related to what students learn in school, the curriculum, it makes learning school work a lot more fun and compelling. Adults are frequently amazed that our students have so much fun creating quality iMovies. The students are frequently amazed that learning can be so much fun.

How does an iMovie help students?
-I think making iMovies helps students because they like it so much. They want to do it. They find it fun and empowering that they can create something that their peers and adults both value so much. The well-made movie gives students a powerful voice to say something that matters in a way that is as professional as anything an adult can create and sell at Blockbuster. And now, with iTunes and the video iPod, students' movies can go all over the world with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Who can work on an iMovie together?
-Anyone can participate. Students at Mabry make movies on their own as reports, such as the "Tell-Tale Heart", in groups of science projects, as movies for the film festival. That's one of the reasons this is so powerful: anyone can do it!

How long does it take to make an iMovie?
-The most time-consuming part is selecting a topic that is significant and has a powerful message. The research, writing, editing, and revision takes a good bit of time as well. Shooting the well-planned movie doesn't take much time at all. Editing the movie project in iMovie is also pretty fast and easy if the project has been carefully thought out. The average movie team tells me they spend about 50 hours on a movie project from start to finish.

How do you sign up to make an iMovie?
-You simply let your teachers know you want to make one.

What equipment and training do you need to make an iMovie?
-The equipment is fairly straight forward: a digital video camera and a Mac. An external mic and a tripod are also very helpful. Students tend to think that they can hold a camera still enough to get good shots. But they learn quickly they have to have a tripod.

Other than Film Festival, how are iMovies used at school?
-More and more students use movies as projects for class. We use movies to tell the world what we are doing at Mabry in the classroom and on field trips. Movies are powerful communication tool. Now, with iTunes, we even post movies for people all over the world to see what we are doing. Check it out.

Does Mabry still have Director's Chair?
-The Director's Chair has "morphed" into small groups of students that are trained in podcasting and support a variety of podcasting projects around the school. To participate, students submit an application to the front office.
We would like to thank Dr. Tyson for his time and the information in this post.

Remember, at Mabry, technology stands above the rest!

posted on: March 13, 2006

Sixth Grade Technology!

Did you know?

Starting sixth can be very stressful! But it doesn't have to be! The technology at our school ( Mabry Middle School) makes life so much easier! We have all kinds of technology!

Cool technology:
I-Book- is a very important tool in Mabry!

Promethean boards- are a very helpful tool for teachers!

Projector- is connected on the ceiling and works with the Promethean board!

Computers-help teachers put grades in I-parent

link here to i-parent
Printer-goes with the computer!

~Have fun with Mabry technology!~

posted on: March 13, 2006

Film Festival

Get rid of your books and toss 'um, and come to the Film Festival....... it will be awesome!


Interview with Mr. Swanson

What Is the Film Festival?
The Mabry Film Festival is a gala event in which student produced movies compete for top recognition by a panel of film experts. Students, dressed in formal attire, begin the event with celebratory pre-parties while the audience folllows the skylights and red carpet to the Festival. Student film makers and their admiring public then congregate to our awards ceremony for the official screening of the films and the announcement of winners in each category. The highest recognition goes to the group who wins the prestigious Best Picture category. Prizes awarded for the festival will even include an Apple laptop computer!

What does the Mabry Film Festival have to do with i-movies?
I-movies is the software on the which students edit the digital footage they shoot. It is where their ideas and hard work are transformed into the i-movie masterpiece the audience sees during the film festival.

what is the whole purpose of the film festival?
The film festival is designed to showcase the incredible movies that Mabry students produce every year. It also recognizes via prizes those movies that are truly outstanding in regards to a category such as best sound, best cinematography, best editing, or best documentary. It also is a wonderful time for the school to share with the community some of the creative talents that our students possess.

Do you have to be on an i-movie team to go?
No, but you do have to get a ticket. Although the festival continues to expand, its popularity has grown, as well, and the film festival tickets go quickly.

What would you wear there?
As with any gala event, appropriate attire is part of the festival's ambiance. Students dress the part for this formal occasion, finding their way into the back corners of their closet to bring out their best suits and evening dresses.

Do you have to pay?
To date, the Film Festival has been run off private donations, grants, and the proceeds fron DVD sales. However, this year we will be asking film goers for $3.00 per ticket to help cover the cost of the event.

The Mabry Film Festival comes once a year on April 25th from 5:30 to 10:00, and it judges the powerful and moving movies of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.

Click here to view a clip of last year's i-movies.

So come to the Film Festival! it will be an unforgetable experience!

posted on: March 13, 2006

Promethean What!?!?


It's the :NEW: white board!

What is a promethean board?
It is an interactive learning tool that lets students have hands on practice and personal involvement with their learning.

What does that mean???
It lets students have fun while they learn!

What do they do?
They can create graphs, tables, and charts for the teacher.


Look below for an interview with Dr. Tyson, Principal, and Mrs. Hendrix, librarian.

Mrs. Brown-Curry, a 6th Grade teacher, shares how she uses her promethean board to teach!



This is the projector which displays the images on the actual board.


This is the actual promethean board that involves interaction.

Interview with Dr.Tyson:Tim Tyson.jpg

Why did Mabry receive promethean boards?
I first learned of the boards in a meeting at Kennesaw State University. I asked the company to come out to Mabry and demonstrate the boards to the teachers. They loved them. I was hopeful we would be able to purchase one. However, as it turned out, we were able to furnish every new classroom in the new construction with these interactive white boards. We were very excited.

Why did only certain teachers receive them?
All the science teachers got one because they each got a new classroom. And the teachers assigned to any extra classrooms were able to have the boards as well. Mabry also won 3 new boards after winning the Scholastic and Intel Schools of Distinction Award for technology innovation.

Do many other school have them, also?
Yes, other schools in Cobb County also have these interactive white boards, as well. In fact, a couple of school districts in the state have put one in every single classroom in their school district! I am hopeful that over the next few years we will be able to see more and more classes in Cobb County, and specifically at Mabry, have this technology.

Interview with Mrs. Hendrix:Hendrix.jpg

How are the promethean boards helpful to our education?
They allow great flexibility and involve technology. You can see immediate results with it.

What are some of the rules when using a promethean board?

posted on: March 9, 2006

The Mac Lab

The Mac Lab is a cool way to get away from writing in the classrooms and have some fun. There are thirty, almost new, Apple computers.


You will be in the Mac Lab for taking tests and working on class projects/research. For more information on testing, click on the link for the testing/iParent post.


*Mrs. Preston- supervisor of the Mac Lab.

For interview with Mrs. Preston go to post, "Mac Lab 2."

Rules of the Mac Lab
• No gum
• Only school approved sites
• Stay quiet
• No food/drinks


The Mac Lab is located down the 8th grade hallway before you reach the skylight.

If you follow the rules in the Mac Lab and at Mabry, we can guarantee you will have an enjoyable experience!

posted on: March 8, 2006


Think you can get bad grades without your parents finding out? Well, think again!

What is I-Parent?

I-Parent is an online device that enables parents to check their child's grades.

Device-useful tool
enables- allows

How can I sign up?

How often do I check i-parent?

How often one would check might depend on the teacher, but i-parent should be updated every 10 days.


1.How often do your parents check i-parent?

Not often:ll

2. Is i-parent beneficial for you and your parents?




Jason 6th


Mrs. Davis 6th grade Science teacher


Ricky 7th


Mrs. Larkin 7th grade Science teacher


Drew 8th

TESTING Testing at Mabry isn't the usual pencil, paper, coversheet kind of test. At Mabry we are privileged by being able to test often on computers or scantrons, making it faster, interesting, and really fun! IMAG0156.JPG 6th grade student on laptop 1. What do you prefer? Scantrons: lll Computers: llll 2. Do you prefer.... Fill in the blanks:ll Essay:0 multiple choice:lllll 3. Do you think Cobb County students are overtested? Yes:lllll No:ll At Mabry testing won't be a drag any longer!!

posted on: March 8, 2006

7th Grade Technology

You have finished your first year at Mabry. So what technology is there to look forward to in 7th grade?

"A blast from our past"-podcast

*More technology is used in your everyday school work.

*You will have the oppportunity to learn how to fluently use the latest technology at Mabry Middle School.

*You will be introduced to making a PowerPoint; this is a slideshow of information and pictures you create on a computer.

*Your teachers use the promethean boards more often during class to demonstrare examples.

Click here to see information about promethean boards.

Let's see what three 7th grade teachers whom we have interveiwed have to say!

Q:Mrs. Carrol, how often do you use technology in your classroom?
A:We use technology a good bit. Right now, we are doing i-movie, and we use the promethean boards about 3-4 times per week.

Click here for a link to Mrs. Carrol's Blog:

Q: Mr. Howard, what type of projects do you do with the available technology?
A: We do projects such as powerpoint, research on specific points, and Google Earth.

Click here for a link to Mr. Howard's Blog:

Q: Mrs. Glenn, do you believe there is a big jump between the technology used in 6th grade and 7th grade?
A:This year we've created i-Movies, Excel spreadsheets and charts, and Podcasts. We've used digital cameras and professional lighting to photograph the memorabilia in our classroom to create a Virtual Museum. We've just recently received a SMART Board and I'm looking forward to those adventures. So, Advanced Content Social Studies students can expect a high lever of technology integration in their classroom.

Click here for a link to Mrs. Glenn's Blog:

And remember...Don't be afraid of not knowing how to use the new technology...your teachers and friends will take you step by step!

posted on: March 8, 2006

How is technology used in 8th grade?

If you would like a bigger image, click on the pictures above.

If you would like more information of the following, then visit the other Sixceed posts:
-Promethean Boards
-Mac Programs
-Media Center
-Mac Lab
-Performance Testing
-I- Parent

This is an interview with Ms. Moncrieff, one of our great 8th grade math teachers:

Q: How do you use technology in your classroom?
A:I use my computer to write my lesson plans, check e-mails,etc...but my BIGGEST addition this year is my Promethean board. I use this tool almost every day! I teach with it; I no longer use dry erase boards much.

Q:What technology do you use?
A:Promethean boards!!!

Q:Do you let your students use technology?
A:Unfortunately, because of how my Promethean board is in my room (not mounted on a wall or projector in the ceiling) my board is extra sensitive, and I don't allow students to use it.

Q:Does technology help your teaching?
A:I definately think teaching with the Promethean board adds extra interest for the students, and hopefully, they listen and learn that little bit extra. As a result...

Q:Does the technology you use help your students?
A:Hopefully, because the board increases students' listening and participation in class, it has transformed their ability to learn.

We want to thank Ms.Moncrieff for the time she sacrificed from her busy schedule to talk to us.

This is the interview with Mrs. Hartnett, our wonderful 8th grade language arts teacher, gracious host of the Sixceed program!

Q:How do you use technology in your classroom?
A:Blog (which is used to record homework assignments and general information), scribes, projects, Sixceed, word processing, and e-mail.

Q:What technology do you use?
A:Computers, LCD projectors, student laptops, imovies, podcasts.

Q:Do you let your students use technology?
A:Yes, it is encouraged.

Q:Does technology help your teaching?

Q:Does the technology you use help your students?
A:It depends on the individual and effort put into the assignment.

We want to thank Mrs.Hartnett for the time she sacrificed from her busy schedule to talk to us.

Thank you for visiting our small part of Sixceed. Please feel free to visit the other sections!

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"We write down homework so you don't have to!"


What is a blog?
-A blog is a post made by teachers and scribes to display homework, copies of handouts, provide links and photos online.

Who writes the blog?
-Teachers as well as some students known as scribes write what we do in class and what we have for homework. Scribes are students picked by teachers to take notes in class and post them on the blog.

Does this benefit you?
-This benefits you because if you're on a vacation, if you're sick, or if you just don't pay attention in class, you can always find your assignments on a teacher's blog.

To see an example of a teacher's blog, click here!

So if you want to stay ahead of the game and get the most out of Mabry Middle School, visit the blog every day!

posted on: March 6, 2006

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