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JekyllOur 7th grade Life Science students go on a science expedition to study the ecology of Jekyll Island, an area with rich bio-diversity on the Atlantic coast of Georgia.  This collaborative will allow our students and parents to communicate information before and during the trip.  Once the expedition is underway, a rich photo journal will be included to document the students' learning experiences.  Stay tuned to this link for the latest information related to the trip.  Mr. Swanson is the contact for this project.

February 24, 2006

Fear Factor 4

Well, it seems some students will go to great extremes for a little caffeine . . . maybe it's time to rethink their Starbuck's card!

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Fear Factor 3

After Dinner Snacks!

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Fear Factor 1

Talk about beauty school drop outs!

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IMG_6420.JPGWhat an awesome trip! I hope that you have enjoyed your virtual visit, and check back to look for a few more pictures this weekend. I also hope that this trip has been a meaningful experience for those who participated. As you all must realize, there were many people who worked very hard to make this trip possible. Teachers, Chaperones, the Staff at the 4-H center, Administrators, and Students and Parents as well. If there is someone you would like to thank, please feel free to comment to this post. I know that they will enjoy reading what you have to say . . . just maybe not until after they have a warm bath and a good nights sleep!

Please take this opportunity to pass along your Thank You as a comment to this post.

Friday Photos 4

More great shots from yesterday!

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Friday Photos 3

Here are some more great shots from our Chaperones!

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Friday Photos 2

These are actually from yesterday . . . the weather is nicer today.

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Friday Photos 1

Mugs of Mud!

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February 23, 2006

Thursday Photos 15

Middle Schoolers truly are "Strange Birds".

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Thursday Photos 14

A couple great groups in the marsh!

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Thursday Photos 13

More great shots from Glenda Glenn and the Skimmers . . .

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Thursday Photos 11

Well, I'm back and I have lots of pictures to share . . . let's start off with the barnacles at the slough . . .

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Thursday Photos 10

Great Shots from our own Ms. Larkin!

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Thursday Photos 9

Ms Hansard's group found a yacht that she can afford on a teacher's salary!

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Thursday Photos 8

Off to the Beach with Ms. Hansard's Group . . .

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Thursday Photos 7

Did someone say Turtles and Snakes? What would a trip to the beach be without them?

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Thursday Photos 6

More great Chaperone Shots!

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Thursday Photos 5

They keep coming in!

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Thursday Photos 4

Here are some more great chaperone shots!

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Thursday Photos 3

More after lunch, here are a few more until then . . .

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