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July 31, 2005

Dropping Off & Picking Up Students

Dr. Tyson asked that all of the parking along the very front of the school be eliminated to increase the space where students may be dropped off or picked up. Again, our goal, for your convenience, is to safely speed up this process before and after school. You will see the new Student Drop Off and Pick Up Lane. If you click on the picture, a larger version will appear.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up

For safety, we need everyone to abide by the following:

Stop Sign by 7th GradeThis is the stop sign down by the 7th grade entrance. When possible, please pull all of the way down to this sign, or at least as close as possible, when picking up or dropping off students. Never park in this area as doing so will significantly impede the flow of traffic and increase the risk of students being hurt .

We believe this will facilitate faster access for everyone and keep cars from drifting out onto Jim's Road. Clicking on the picture enlarges it.

Posted by Dr. Tyson

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