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April 21, 2006

Mabry School Council Parent Election

Thank you to Elysse Morrison and Beth Morgan for serving two years as Mabry's parent representatives on School Council. As their terms have expired, it is time to elect two parent representatives for 2006-2008 school terms. Parents or guardians of Mabry students may nominate a parent or guardian who'd like to serve for school council. Nominees must be parents or guardians of students that will be students for the 2006-07 school year.

Nomination forms are attached or they may be picked up in the front office; nominations will be taken in the front office from April 24 through Friday, May 5. Nominees will be placed on a ballot and will be available in the front office from Monday, May 8 through May 16 for you to vote during the school day. Additionally, parents may vote at the school performances on May 9 and/or May 11.

Attached are the nomination form and school council information form. Thanks for all who serve on the Mabry School Council!

Schoolcouncilparentnomfrm Sampleinformationform

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