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September 26, 2006

Picture Retake Day

Thursday, September 28th is picture remake or retake day. If your child did not have their picture made on Charger Day they need to have their picture made on Thursday, September 28th. Prepaid envelopes are available from your child's homeroom teacher. You must prepay and mark the package you are interested in for your child to have their picture made.

If you child needs to have their picture remade please have them bring their pictures back on Thursday. If your child does not want to purchase pictures they still need their picture made for the yearbook.

Thank you for your assistance.

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September 05, 2006

Earth Science Textbooks for 6th and 8th Grade

Last year Cobb County began implementing the new science curriculum developed by the State of Georgia. This change requires a phase in period to make sure that all students receive Physical Science and Earth Science during middle school. During the phase in period Earth Science will be taught in 6th and 8th Grade and share textbook resources.

Science teachers in 6th and 8th grade will share the Earth Science resources for one more year. They were able to do this quite successfully last year. Each teacher will have a classroom set of textbooks to use and Earth Science textbooks will not be issued to all students. Homework assignments will not be dependent upon the use of the textbook.

The Prentice Hall Science Explorer textbook series has available an iText (online textbook) and the textbook on CD-ROM. All students will register for the online textbook at school and be given information on how to access it at home. This will require the use of the Internet at home. The textbook on CD-ROM will allow students access to the text via computer without the need of Internet connections. The CD will be issued like a textbook to students who request it. The CD should be returned at the end of the year in useable condition in the original folder. The replacement fee is $10.

The very limited number of textbooks available for student issue will be reserved for those students who do not have Internet access or a computer. Parents should contact the science teacher to check on availability and make arrangements for a book to be issued.

For additional information please visit these websites:

6th grade GPS: (grade 6)
8th grade QCC: (grade-8, subject-science)

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